11 Best Men’s Colognes Under $50 (2023)

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These are 11 best men’s colognes under $50.

1) Versace Pour Homme (Signature)

If you’re looking for a fresh professional fragrance, perfect for work, then Versace Pour Homme is probably your best bet. This fragrance opens up bright with notes of lemon and bergamot. The fragrance continues its freshness through the base with additional notes of cedar and amber which provide a fresh woodsy base.

Over all, this is arguably the perfect office fragrance because it’s fresh, clean and professional. It’s also incredibly likeable and safe which means pretty much everyone is going to love the way you smell.

Performance is also good with 7 hours of longevity and mild projection so you smell great the whole day.

2) Rasasi Hawas

Most summer fragrance have performance issues, which means they barely last 3 to 4 hours and then completely disappear. So if you’re looking for a summer aquatic fragrance with great performance, and I mean really great performance then Rasasi Hawas is a must have.

This fragrance can best be described as a semi-sweet fruity aquatic fragrance with notes of apple, bergamot and plum in the opening. The opening is absolutely amazing on this scent because it blends aquatic notes with citrus and plum.

The fragrance then becomes really unique by adding notes of cinnamon and cardamom which gives it a masculine and slightly spicy dry down.

Performance is amazing with 8+ hours of longevity and great projection making it the perfect casual summer scent for the beach or just hanging out.

Hawas sells out quickly so a great replacement fragrance with a very similar scent is Mont Blanc Legend Spirit. Legend Spirit differs from Hawas in the sense that is has a more fresher scent profile compared to Hawas. But overall it is a similar slightly sweet fresh aquatic cologne that is loved by women.

3) John Varvatos Artisan Pure

John Varvatos is one of my favorite fragrance brands because their scents are unique, high quality and really mass appealing. Artisan pure is one of the most popular spring fragrance for men for the past couple of years.

The fragrance starts off with a blast of citrus containing Clementine, orange, lemon and bergamot. The base of the fragrance then combines notes of ginger, musk and orris root.

This is probably one of the best masculine citrus based fragrance I have smelled.

Spring comes to mind with Artisan Pure. This fragrance quite literally smells like you are taking a walk through a garden full of citrus trees.

It’s an incredibly attractive masculine fragrance with surprisingly good performance.

4) Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette

Most Francis Kurkdjian fragrances cost upwards of $150 and for good reason. He is a master perfumer who has created fragrances for high end brands such as Dior and Van Cleef & Arpel. He even has his own private line of luxury fragrances.

So you might be surprised to know that he was the nose behind Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette. Think of Mr. Burberry as a compliment getting fragrance that is easy to wear for men of every age. This fragrance has a fresh scent profile with opening notes of grapefruit and vetiver. In the base you get notes of guaiac wood and oakmoss.

This is a woody fresh scent with an elegant profile perfect for office settings and business casual affairs. The cologne lasts around 7 hours with mild projection.

5. Mont Blanc Explorer

If you’re looking for a fragrance that is fresh, masculine and that most people would love, then you have to try out Explorer by Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is an incredibly versatile scent that you wear year round and is especially great as an office fragrance.

When you spray Explorer, you get a unique blend of bergamot and pink pepper that combine to give a slightly sweet, and slightly spicy pineapple accord.

The fragrance then transforms into a more fresh woodsy scent with hints of patchouli and vetiver. If you’re a fan of Creed Aventus but don’t want to spend upwards of $300 then get your hands on Explorer because it has a very similar scent profile to Aventus.

Personally, I prefer Explorer over Aventus because it has a more fresher and fruitier scent profile which garners much more compliments than Aventus which can be slightly more divisive due to its smoky scent profile.

Explorer lasts 7 hours with mild projection making it the perfect year round office fragrance.

6) Missoni Parfum Pour Homme

Missoni Parfum Pour Homme is a dark fruity scent with amazing performance and high compliment factor. Missoni starts off with a beautiful blend of grapefruit, ginger and apple. The fruity opening then blends in with darker and more masculine notes of birch, oak and sandalwood which gives this fragrance an incredibly attractive scent.

Performance is excellent with 8 hours of longevity and mild projection. Because of its scent profile you can wear this fragrance to formal and semi-formal events and occasions.

7. Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau de Toilette

Dolce & Gabbana the One is one of the most recommended fragrances by women for men. The reason for this is quite simple, women absolutely love this scent on men because of its smooth, warm and alluring scent profile.

The One opens up with notes of grapefruit, cardamom and ginger. You then get notes of smooth tobacco and amber which gives the fragrance warmth and it’s alluring scent.

This is one of the most popular data night scents for men, but the best part is, you can even wear it to the office(5 Best Office Fragrances) . This is because this fragrance sits closer to your body and is not loud making it a great office scent.

8) Rochas Moustache Eau de Parfum

Date night fragrances can be tricky because you need to find the right balance between sweetness, warmth and performance in order to make a great impression on your partner. If the fragrance is too sweet or too strong it could become annoying for both you and your date.

So if you’re looking for a perfectly balanced and attractive date night cologne then you have to get your nose on Moustache Eau de Parfum by Rochas.

This fragrance contains notes of benzoin, vanilla, subtle spices and amber which gives it an incredibly alluring and warm scent profile. This is a high class fragrance that is best for formal dates in the fall and winter months.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this fragrance is in high demand and is usually sold out, so definitely purchase it whenever you see it in stock. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

9) Boss The Scent

Boss The Scent by Hugo Boss is a hidden gem fragrance in my opinion because it’s a really appealing scent (especially to the ladies) and has an elegance and unstated masculine edge. This fragrance starts off with notes of ginger and smooth lavender which then blend in with the unique note of maninka fruit.

As far as I am aware only Hugo Boss regularly uses maninka fruit in their ‘The Scent’ line of fragrances so it definitely helps you stand out.

The base of the fragrance has a smooth masculine elegance with a blend of woody notes along with a soft leather.

Overall, I think this is a gentlemanly fragrance that can be worn for dates, to the office and even for formal events. Performance is good with 7 hours of longevity and soft projection.

10) Versace Eros Flame

Think of Eros Flame as the more mature and confident elder brother of the incredibly popular Versace Eros.

Eros Flame opens up with a blend of citrus notes notably mandarin orange and chinotto. You also get a hint of pepper black pepper which gives the cologne a slightly spicy start. As you get into the heart of the fragrance, notes of geranium, tonka, vanilla and cedar come along with provide this scent a sweet and aromatic dry down.

Although Eros Flame is sweet, the sweetness here is toned back compared to the original Eros which means you can it wear it in more occasions. You can also get away with wearing this scent on cooler spring days.

Overall, this is a great everyday scent for late spring, fall and winter. You are sure to get a lot of positive attention with this cologne because it has great performance with 8+ hours of longevity and moderate projection.


11) Azzaro Wanted by Night

Wanted by Night by Azzaro is one of the most highly rated and recommended fall cologne for men. Most women absolutely go crazy for this scent and find it incredibly attractive.

Think of Wanted by Night as a sweet, warm alluring fall scent with an edge. The edge is provided by the base notes of leather, tobacco and spices. These blend with the remaining notes of cinnamon, amber and fruity notes to create a scent that works wonders in the cooler seasons.

The performance for Wanted by Night is strong so keep it to 2 sprays for dates and a maximum of 3 sprays for other occasions and you’re good to go for at least 8 hours.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best fragrances for men under $50. I included scents for every season and occasion. All of these scents are high quality and smell much more expensive than they cost.

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