Welcome to Sharp Confident Man. My name is Semaak Malik and I love to write about men’s style, fashion and lifestyle.

I started Sharp Confident Man because I felt that most blogs/YouTube channels focused exclusively on one aspect of men’s style or lifestyle. For example, I’ve encountered gentlemen in my life who pay a lot of attention to their grooming but then neglect everything else including their clothing. I’ve also met men who have a real passion for shoes and spend upwards of $1000 on a single pair, but when it comes to other aspects of their style, like suits, shirts, ties and even something like sunglasses they really don’t know what they’re doing.

In my opinion a modern day gentlemen should have a decent amount of knowledge about all aspects of men’s style and lifestyle including shoes, suits, shirts, grooming et cetera. And this is exactly why I started Sharp Confident Man.

With Sharp Confident Man, you will find articles discussing practically everything related to men’s style and lifestyle. We’ll cover shoes, suits, grooming, shaving, accessories and a lot more. So I invite you to join our family of Sharp Confident Men.