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8 Best Jeans for Men with No Butt (2023)

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Choosing jeans that fit well can be tricky. And if you have a small, flat butt, that makes things a whole lot more difficult. In order to make your life easier, I’ve compiled a list of the 8 best jeans for men that look great even if you have no butt!

When it comes to making your butt look good in jeans you want to keep 2 things in mind:

1. Choose jeans with smaller and higher back pockets.

Jeans with higher and smaller back pockets will make your butt look rounder and more full.

Pockets that are too big or low will make it look like you don’t have a butt even if you do.

2. Go for jeans with a slightly heavier denim.

A heavier fabric will drape better around your hips making them look more rounded.

Softer and lighter weight denim tends to crunch up and fold which will ruin your look.

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1) Wrangler Authentics Slim Fit Straight Leg Jean

Ever watched cowboys in real life or in movies and noticed how well their jeans fit? I have and when I searched for what brand of jeans they wear, Wrangler jeans were among the most popular.

Wrangler has been making denim for over a hundred years and what makes them popular among cowboys is their durability and fit.

These Wrangler jeans come in a dark wash with subtle distressing around the thigh, hip and knees. They have a trim fit through the hip and thigh which makes them a great option for men with smaller butts. And unlike cowboy jeans, this pair has a slim tapered leg for a modern look.

2) DL1961 Russell Jeans

White denim is really in style right now, especially for summer and spring. For white denim to look good, you have to make sure they fit on the slimmer side. If they are loose and baggy, you’ll look bad, trust me.

The Russell fit from DL1961 is a great option because it comes in a universally flattering slim straight fit that helps accentuate your hips even if you don’t have any!

Plus, the denim is made using a super environmentally sustainable process!

3) Hudson Byron Jeans

The Byron fit from Hudson is a great option for men with smaller butts. Although Hudson describes these jeans as a classic straight fit, I own 3 pairs and in my opinion they are more of a slim straight/modern straight fit.

Unlike typical straight fit jeans which can be loose around the hip area, these jeans have a slimmer fit around the waist, hip and thigh. It also helps that they have a diagonal line design on the back pockets which helps accentuate your hips.

These jeans are available in many different washes and I particularly like this medium wash which has an old-school masculine look.

4) Joe’s Jeans Brixton

If you’re looking for a solid pair of black jeans then check out the Brixton fit from Joe’s Jeans. This fit is designed for men who want a slim fit through the hip and thigh and a tapered leg.

They also have a medium rise which means they’ll sit on your hips and help even out the silhouette of your legs making them a terrific option for men with smaller butts.

As for styling them, black jeans look great with a classic black leather jacket!

5) Paige Normandie Jeans

Paige jeans are renowned for their fit and the incredibly luxurious denim fabric. In fact, if you want to be wearing jeans, without feeling like you’re wearing jeans, then definitely check out Paige denim.

Paige jeans are also great for men with flatter butts because they have proportional back pockets that really help to frame your backside. They make your bum look bigger.

I recommend the Normandie fit from Paige because it offers a slimmer fit around the hips and a slim straight fit through the legs which means you can wear these jeans casually with a t-shirt or dress them up with a collared shirt and blazer.

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6) Bonobos Premium 4-Way Stretch Jeans

If you are a fan of light wash jeans then you know how bad they can look if they don’t fit well in the hip area. The lighter wash can ruin the complete look if the fit is not perfect.

But don’t fret. This awesome pair from Bonobos comes in a light wash denim but the way they are designed makes them a great option for men with smaller butts. The back pockets sit slightly higher and at an angle which will help make your hips look fuller.

These jeans come in multiple fits so you can order a few and try whichever fits you the best!

7) 7 For All Mankind Slimmy Jeans

Wearing jeans to work is becoming really popular these days. But in order to look professional in jeans, you have to make sure they fit well. If you have smaller hips, then most jeans can look baggy from the back which ruins the whole business casual look.

These Slimmy fit jeans from 7 For All Mankind offer the perfect fit for men with smaller butts. They have a slimmer fit that hugs your hips which helps accentuate your lower half.

If you’re going to be wearing jeans for work, then make sure they are a dark wash with a clean finish like this pair.

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8) Everlane Organic Slim Fit Jeans

These Everlane slim fit jeans are a great option for men who are on the slimmer side and who find that most jeans are too loose in the hip area. These jeans have a slim fit through the waist, hip and thigh which makes them a great option for men with flat hips.

I really like this washed black color. It has a vintage look that will pair really well with denim, suede and leather jackets for a rugged yet sharp look. These jeans are good for a flat bum.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the 8 best jeans for men with no butts. All of these jeans are great options, it’s only a matter of finding the perfect fit and wash that suits your style!