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How a Leather Jacket Should Fit (Men’s Fit Guide)

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A leather jacket is arguably one of the most stylish and long lasting clothing item you can own. Get a high quality jacket, and you can expect it to last a lifetime. But none of that matters if the fit isn’t right. Trust me, just like with anything in menswear, the fit is the most important factor in making you look good.

A well fitting cheap faux leather jacket costing $50 can look a thousand times better than a $1000 or $2000 jacket made from premium leather that doesn’t fit.

So to help you out, here is a detailed fit guide on how a leather jacket should fit.

Simply put, there are 3 main types of leather jackets, cafe racer, biker, bomber/aviator/flight jacket.

Moreover, jackets are typically made from either leather or suede. There are many different types of leather that differ in quality, texture and grade, but this is a fit guide. And for our purposes the material doesn’t matter when it comes to fit.

How a Leather Jacket Should NOT Fit!

Too Tight!

how a leather jacket should not fit , too tight leather jacket

This jacket looks ridiculous because its exceedingly tight. Not only that, it is too short. Simply put, this dude is wearing a jacket that is 2 sizes too small.

Too Big!

too loose leather jacket, how a leather jacket should not fit

At first glance this might not seem too bad. But keep in mind, a leather jacket is meant to look sleek and slim and not like a typical wind breaker or casual outerwear piece.

How a Men’s Leather Jacket Should Fit


The shoulder fit of a leather jacket can’t be altered so you need to really nail the fit here. The shoulder seam of the jacket should line up at the end of your shoulder bone.

collar fit of a leather jacket

Because leather jackets stretch with wear, and this includes the shoulder region, you need to get a jacket where the shoulder seam lines up perfectly. If it’s already falling off your shoulder when it’s new, it’s just gonna become looser and fall off your shoulders as you wear it, which is no good.

Make sure to check the shoulder fit with whatever you plan on wearing the jacket fit. For example, if you plain on wearing t shirts and henleys with the jacket, then wear them while trying the jacket on. If you are going to wear sweaters underneath it, then try on the jacket while wearing sweaters.


body fit of a leather jacket , how leather jacket should fit

A brand new leather jacket should be well fitted in the chest area. With the jacket zipped up, you should be able to put your clenched hand between the jacket and your chest. It shouldn’t be tighter than this, or looser.


A leather jacket should have a straight slim fit through the body. It should be snug but not tight. You should be able to zip up the jacket without any resistance. There also shouldn’t be too much room where it looks loose and baggy.


Regardless of the style of the jacket, the length should be around your belt line. Simply put, the hem of the jacket should just about cover your belt.

If it’s longer than this, then the jacket will look too big. If it’s shorter, it’ll look feminine and weird.


Look for leather jackets with higher and smaller armholes. These jackets will have better mobility and also result in a better fit.

Jackets with large and low armholes will create a boxy look and also restrict your movement.


Leather jacket sleeves should be trim and end around you the wrist bone. You should have enough room in the sleeves to wear a shirt or sweater underneath without any pulling or tightness in the sleeves. Avoid boxy sleeves because they make the jacket look like it’s from the 90’s.

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