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7 Best Summer Shoes for Men (2023)

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Looking for the best summer shoes for men? Check out our list where we cover shoes that you can wear from the beach all the way to the office and everything in between!

Casual Summer Shoes for Men

These are types of shoes that you will wear when you are at the beach or for other casual occasions such as BBQ’s. These pair well with shorts, jeans and casual khakis/chinos.


Espadrilles are a much better alternative to flip flops. These are great for walks around the beach and for pretty much any occasion your would wear flip flops. For men who prefer something other than flip flops which includes myself, espadrilles are a life saver.

Just keep in mind that most espadrilles are not comfortable to wear for long walks, especially on hard surfaces. So if you plan on walking a lot consider other shoe options in this article.


Geox Espadrilles From Amazon

TOMS Espadrilles From Amazon

Canvas sneakers

Canvas sneakers are a great option for summer footwear. The canvas material is highly breathable. Moreover, canvas sneakers are more affordable than leather sneakers.

Canvas sneakers come in a host of colors and patterns. Get one from a reputable brand because cheap sneakers are notorious for being uncomfortable.

Sperry makes great sneakers that have really supportive insoles. The best part is, you can wash them in the laundry machine.


Sperry Sneakers

Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneaker

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a classic summer shoe for men. The style might not be for everyone (that’s why I’ve included other shoe options so you can pick and choose). They have a nautical theme and as the name suggests they look like yachts or boats. Boat shoes are typically made from leather or suede but you can occasionally find canvas options as well.

If you’re looking for a more classy pair, go with leather or suede. If you are just testing whether these are suitably for your style, then get a canvas boat shoe first since these are generally more affordable. You can wear boat shoes with shorts, jeans and casual khakis and chinos. I would avoid wearing them in business casual settings since these are inherently casual shoes.


Sperry Boat Shoes

Timberland Boat Shoes From Amazon

Athletic Shoes

If you are going to be doing a lot of walking then nothing beats the comfort and breathability of an athletic shoe. Sure, they aren’t as stylish or classic as a leather loafer, but they are definitely more comfortable to walk in for hours. But not all athletic shoes are great for summer. You want to go for a pair with a mesh upper which allows plenty of air to flow in and out therefore keeping your feet from sweating.

Another thing to look out for is color. You don’t want to be the guy wearing neon sneakers with khakis, chinos or jeans. Instead go for a black, dark gray or a navy pair which will pair well with jeans, khakis and chinos.


Adidas Galaxy Athletic Shoe From Amazon

Skechers Go Walk Shoe From Amazon

Men’s Summer Dress Shoes

If you need to dress up in the summer you can’t get away with espadrilles and sneakers. Even boat shoes don’t look good with business casual or more formal attire. In this case, you need dress shoes that go well with business casual attire but are also comfortable to wear in the hot weather.

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Desert Boots (aka Chukka Boots)

Boots in the summer, really? Well, it has to be the right type of boots, namely desert boots. Think of it this way, if a boot is good enough for the desert, then it probably will work just fine in our urban summer environment. Desert boots come in a wide range of styles and materials. You can find desert boots made from suede and leather.

Avoid cheaper versions made from synthetic materials since these won’t be as breathable as leather or suede.

You can wear desert boots with both casual and business casual attire. They look great with shorts and jeans. They also work in most (not all) business casual settings paired with chinos or khakis.


Clarks Desert Boots

Thursday Boots Scout Chukka

Suede Derbies 

If you need to dress up for the office or an event, suede derby shoes are a great option. Derbies are more casual than oxford shoes and are also more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time due to their open lacing system. Moreover, suede derbys in particular are quite breathable in the hot weather.

You can wear suede derbys with blazers, dress shirts, casual shirts, chinos, dress pants, khakis, jeans. They truly are an incredibly versatile shoe. Get them in lighter colors such as light brown and grey for a sophisticated yet summer appropriate look.

  business casual sweater grey dark blue stripe navy pants, suede derbies  best summer shoes for men


Beckett Simonon Derbies

Leather Loafers

Unlike traditional dress shoes where you have to deal with laces and a constricting upper, loafers have an easy on and off.

But don’t think loafers are too casual for the office. The right pair of loafers can easily be worn with business casual attire.

Go for black, brown, gray and tan. For materials either leather or suede is fine. Just remember suede is more casual while leather is more formal. So if you are pairing a loafer with a summer suit, go for leather.


Allen Edmonds Loafers

Beckett Simonon Bernard Tassel Loafers


So these were the 7 best summer shoes for men in 2021. I covered both casual and business casual options so you are covered going to the beach as well as for business casual. Let me know what types of shoes you like to wear in the summer!

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