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Fall Style for Men (10 Must-Have Items)

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Fall style for men is really about embracing the beautiful colors of autumn and wearing clothes that truly incorporate the environment that we live in.

1. Long sleeve polo

who says you can’t wear polos when the weather starts to cool off? Incorporate a long sleeve polo into your wardrobe and you’ll be amazed at how versatile this item is. You can wear it casually with a pair of jeans or chinos, or dress it up and wear it on it’s own with a pair of dress pants. oYou can also wear it underneath a blazer or sportcoat for a sharp business casual look.

When choosing a long sleeve polo, go for one mad ein a premium fabric like merino wool or su(pima) cotton since these materials will help keep you warm as well as pair well with dress pants and blazers. You don’t want to go for a polo made from a cheap cotton or polyester material since it will have a rough texture that won’t mesh will with the rest of your outfit.

2. Leather/Suede Boots

You can go either casual or business casual depending on the style. For casual wear, a rugged pair of chukka boots or moc-toe boots are a great choice.

If you plan on wearing boots to the office then opt for something more dressy like a lace up dress boot or a Chelsea boot.

3. Oxford cloth button down

This is a menswear staple that is perfect for the cooler weather. The thicker and sturdier oxford fabric makes these shirts warmer than your typical dress shirts. But don’t think that these are any less versatile. You can wear them with dress pants, underneath blazers and sport coats and even with suits.

4. Field jackets

Field jackets are an amazing wardrobe staple because they offer incredible versatility as well as give your look a masculine edge. Classic field jackets are usually in a dark green color but you can also find modern jackets made in brown or even black.

Personally dark green and brown are the best options because they offer a lot of versatility yet remain classic. You can pair field jackets with casual items like henleys and crew neck sweaters or even go full business casual and pair them with collared shirts and dress pants.

5. Moleskin/corduroy pants

In the fall months you want to stand out from other well dressed men and the best way to do so is to take a step back from wearing what everyone else is wearing; chinos and jeans.

Instead find a pair of moleskin or corduroy pants which come in rich colors and offer amazing texture. And did I mention, these materials also offer some much needed coziness in the cooler weather?

You can wear these both casually and with business casual attire. Just make sure to put them back in the closet when it starts warming up because they become suffocating in warmer temperatures.

6. Wool flannel dress pants

If your job requires you to wear dress pants to the office then do yourself a favor and get a few pairs in a wool flannel fabric. This fabric is incredibly luxurious and warm and works really well with oxford cloth button down shirts and sport coats. These pants typically come in richer colors like dark browns, plaids and grays which make them the perfect business casual pants for fall.

7. Top coat or peacoat

if you’re still wearing a wind-breaker to the office then you really need to step up your outerwear game and the best way to do so is to invest in a quality peacoat or topcoat. So you might be wondering; which one should you get?

It’s pretty straight forward. If you typically wear suits, then go for a topcoat because it’s made to go with suits.

However, if you generally wear business casual attire like collared shirts, v-neck sweaters and dress pants, then get a peacoat.

8. Leather/suede jacket

There is nothing more masculine than a leather or suede jacket. Leather and suede has that ability to really amp up your entire outfit.

Want to stand out? Then go for a suede jacket because it offers the same versatility as a leather jacket but with the added benefit of being unique. You will want to stick to solid colors like black, dark brown, gray and tan. With the right pairings, you can wear a leather/suede jacket casually as well as to the office.

9. Flannel Shirt

If there is one item in your wardrobe that screams fall, it is the classic flannel shirt. The classic pattern for a flannel shirt consists of large red and black checks. This large and bold pattern makes these shirts the perfect casual fall shirt.

However, if you don’t want to look like a checkers board and actually want to wear a flannel shirt to the office, then go for one in a more subdue pattern and in a more neutral color like dark gray, navy or brown.

10. Tortoise glasses/sunglasses

Dark tortoise glasses and/or sunglasses are the perfect eyewear choice for the fall months. Tortoise is a really interesting color/pattern because it blends shades of dark brown, burgundy and even gray. This makes it pair perfectly with the color palate for fall. Opt for classic styles such as the clubmaster and wayfarer which work for both casual and formal occasions.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best items for men’s fall style and fashion. Let me know what you like to wear during the fall months!