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How to Style Black Jeans (Amazing Outfits for Guys 2023)

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Black jeans are a men’s style essential. They can be dressed up or down with ease and offer a great alternative to dark/light wash denim to help you stand out. So here are 4 outfits to show you how to style black jeans throughout the year in all 4 seasons!

Here are 4 New and Amazing Ways to Style Black Jeans

1) Floral/Pattern Shirts (Summer)

Black jeans offer a great ‘background’ template for you to experiment with color. Floral shirts are a great option to pair with black jeans since it makes wearing them simpler. Many men shy away from floral/pattern shirts either because they are too loud or because they can clash with other parts of the outfit.

Well, you do need confidence to pull off pattern/floral shirts but black jeans make this all the while easier by removing any chances of an ‘outfit color clash’.

 black denim jeans with floral/pattern shirt
What I’m wearing:
Calvin Klein floral dress shirt (similar)
Uniqlo slim fit jeans (similar)
Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

2) Styling Black Jeans with a Topcoat (Winter)

Topcoats aren’t just supposed to be worn with suits. You can easily pair black jeans with a topcoat. Take this look for example where I paired a Melton wool topcoat with a classic white dress shirt and black jeans. The white Converse gives this look some casual edge.

Every item in this look is either black or white from the gloves to the shoes to the sunglasses which gives it an understated sophistication. 

black jeans with top coat, how to style black jeans , how to style top coat

3) The All-Black Look (Fall)

Nothing looks edgier but at the same time exudes minimalism than an all-black look. For this all-black outfit, I paired a black suede bomber jacket with black jeans and black combat boots. Finishing this look is a pair of Ray Ban black Clubmaster sunglasses.

black suede jacket with black denim jeans
What I’m wearing:
Banana Republic Vegan-Suede Bomber Jacket (similar link)
Banana Republic Black traveler jeans (link)
Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

Looking to buy a new bomber jacket? Check out ‘How Should a Bomber Jacket Fit’ so you absolutely get the perfect fit!

4) Black Jeans with a Blazer (Spring)

Black jeans aren’t just supposed to be worn with t-shirts and flannels. They can also just as easily be dressed up. Many bloggers rave about the dress-up-ability of dark indigo denim but no one talks about the ease with which black denim can be paired with more formal pieces.

For example, here I paired a slim fit black jean with a classic white dress shirt and a grey-check blazer. The thinner lapels of this blazer slims and elongates the whole look. This is a great spring outfit for when you want to look a step above everyone else wearing chambrays and oxford shirts.

The key to making this outfit look amazing is getting the fit on the blazer perfect. If the blazer is too large or small then it will look out of place with the slim-straight black jeans. Wondering how a blazer should fit? Check out ‘How A Blazer Should Fit?’.

sport coat with black denim jeans
What I’m wearing:
Matinique Linen blend blazer (similar)
Calvin Klein white dress shirt (similar)
Uniqlo slim fit jeans (similar)
Calvin Klein sunglasses

What Shoes to Wear with Black Jeans?

Black jeans look the best with either black boots and dress shoes or with white sneakers. Wearing black boots or dress shoes with black jeans makes your legs look longer since there is a seamless transition from your legs to your feet.

Black jeans also look amazing with white sneakers. You can either opt for white canvas sneakers or white leather sneakers, the choice is yours. But either option looks amazing because it provides a strong contrast between the black jeans and white sneakers.


I hope you enjoyed the outfits and found some inspiration on how to style black jeans. As this article showcased, black jeans are incredibly versatile. They can be dressed down with a t-shirt and bomber jacket for casual looks. But you can also dress them up just as easily with a dress shirt, blazer and topcoat.


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