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5 Best Date Fragrances for Men (2023)

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Looking to smell great and confident for your next date? Then check out these 5 best date fragrances for men that will have you smelling irresistible!

What makes a good date fragrance?

Mass Appeal

Unless you specifically know that your partner loves a particular fragrance (in which case definitely wear that one), you should opt for a fragrance with mass appeal. Mass appeal basically means that most people would enjoy that fragrance (i.e. it smells good to most people).

You shouldn’t wear anything too challenging or unique that could polarize everyone around you, including your date.

Fragrance Projection

A good date fragrance is not loud. Meaning it doesn’t project a whole lot. You want this because dates are intimate and you will be sitting or standing pretty close to your partner so you don’t want a fragrance that people can smell 20 feet away.

Also, you’re on a date with your partner, not everyone in the restaurant, so people around you shouldn’t be annoyed by your fragrance.

Lastly, consider the weather. If it’s really hot, then don’t wear a rich, warm and sweet fragrance because it will cause you and your partner a headache. Instead, go for a more fresh and aquatic fragrance that will help you smell clean and cool.

On the flip side, if it’s cool outside, then wear a fragrance with a warm and rich scent profile because it will match the weather outside and create an inviting environment around you.

All of the recommended fragrances below follow these guidelines, so whichever one your choose, you know you will be getting a fragrance that your date will enjoy!

1. Missoni Wave (Best for Summer/Spring)

Missoni Wave is a fantastic date fragrance for the warmer spring and summer months. This fragrance has a fantastic fresh sea salt and citrus opening which then transitions into a slightly sweet and floral base with hints of woods. Overall, this is the perfect fragrance for dates near or on the beach.

Performance is also really good with 7 hours of longevity and moderate projection. And you can wear this fragrance for day or evening dates.

2. Armani Code Absolu (Best for Formal Dates)

If you’re going for a more formal date during the cooler months say at a high-end restaurant then definitely consider Armani Code Absolu. This a well balanced sweet fragrance with a masculine base.

This fragrance opens up sweet with notes of tonka and vanilla. It then dries down to a powdery sweet scent with suede in the background which balances out the sweetness and gives the fragrance a masculine touch.

This fragrance gets a lot of positive attention from women because of it’s warm and sensual scent profile.

Absolu is a strong fragrance with longevity easily being 8+ hours with moderate projection. So definitely go with just 1 or 2 sprays. Trust me that’s enough!

3. Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua (Best for Summer Dates)

Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein is one of the best date fragrances for the hotter months. The fragrance opens up with aquatic and citrus notes. You then get a refreshing cucumber and fruity nuance to the scent which then transitions into a fresh aquatic with a masculine base.

I really wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that this is one of my most complimented fragrances by women. Women love the cooling, aquatic and fresh scent profile of Eternity Aqua which makes it a great date fragrance for when it’s really hot outside.

Eternity Aqua is definitely a day time fragrance owing to its fresh aquatic nature but you can still wear it in the evenings if it’s really hot and you just want to smell clean and confident.

4. Azzaro The Most Wanted (Best for Casual Dates)

Azzaro The Most Wanted is one of the best modern men’s fragrances for dating scenarios. This fragrance is warm, sweet and mysterious.

The Most Wanted opens up with the notes of cardamom and toffee. The toffee is a prominent note in this fragrance and lasts from the start to the end. It is a sweet note similar to a hard caramel candy. In the base you get a warm amber and woody scent which mixes really well with the sweet toffee.

Overall, this is a really attractive fragrance perfect for casual dates in the cooler months.

5. Dolce & Gabbana The One (Best Year Round)

The One opens up with notes of grapefruit and cardamom and then quickly transitions into the base notes. The base is really where this fragrance shines. You get a fantastic blend of smooth tobacco and amber which makes this fragrance incredibly alluring. This is arguably one of the best date fragrances you can buy.

For fall and winter, the EDP version will be a better option because the scent is deeper, richer and it lasts a bit longer. But for all year versatility, I do prefer the regular EDT because you can wear it during the day and in the evening in the warmer months.

Longevity for the EDT is around 4 to 5 hours with intimate projection but I think this makes it perfect for close dating scenarios. There is a reason this is one of the most highly rated fragrance by women on men for dating.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best date fragrances for men. The list contained fragrances great for the warmer and cooler months as well as for casual and formal dates. All of these fragrances have fantastic performance and great mass appeal so you’re partner will definitely enjoy the way you smell and you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable date!