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7 Best Affordable Summer Fragrances for Men (2023)

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to smell awesome in summer. Here are the 7 best affordable fragrances for men. All of them smell high quality and are sure to get you plenty of compliments!

Best Cheap Summer Fragrances for Men

1. Rasasi Hawas

If you want a strong performing fragrance for the summer, then definitely go with Hawas by Rasasi. This fragrance has a fresh, aquatic and fruity scent profile.

It opens up fresh and sweet with notes of plum and apple with an aquatic touch. In the dry down you get a bit of spice mixing with the aquatic notes which gives this fragrance a masculine edge.

I would recommend Hawas for casual wear during the day or evening because of its fruity/aquatic scent profile and strong performance.

Hawas easily lasts 8+ hours and is a huge compliment getter!

2. Versace Pour Homme

Also known as Versace Signature, this fragrance is the perfect summer office fragrance for men. It is fresh, masculine and smells professional.

You’ll he hard pressed to find someone who dislikes this fragrance which makes it great for work. It also works well for more dressier occasions like summer weddings and business meetings.

Versace Pour Homme opens up with citrus notes of neroli, bergamot and lemon. The fragrance maintains its freshness as it transitions into a fresh, masculine base with citrus and woods.

This is arguably the best summer fragrance for work. This fragrance lasts around 7 hours with mild projection.

3. Armaf Club de Nuit Intense (Parfum)

This is a Creed Aventus inspired fragrance. But these days many men prefer it over the original Aventus! Why would that be? Many reasons. Firstly the price. This costs a mere fraction of Creed Aventus. Second, this performs better, much better. You can easily get 8 plus hours with this fragrance. Third, plenty of men who wear both Aventus and Club de Nuit swear that they actually get more compliments on this scent!

Club de Nuit Intense opens with a sharp lemon and citrus note but quickly transitions into a smooth smoky and pineapple scent which gets a lot of positive attention.

This fragrance is really versatile and you can wear it for casual for formal occasions. You can also wear it during the day or night, but I would personally choose to wear it during the evening owing to its smoky scent profile.

Performance it great with this scent and you can easily expect 8 plus hours with plenty of projection (i.e. people around you will easily smell it).

4. Azzaro Chrome Extreme

Are you tired of summer fragrances that only last a couple of hours then completely disappear? If so, then you definitely have to try out Chrome Extreme by Azzaro. This is a powerful fragrance that is sure to get you noticed and complimented.

Chrome Extreme is an aquatic/marine scent with an opening of green mandarin and sea notes. The sea notes then blend with the juniper berries and provide a dry down that is aquatic, fresh and masculine.

This is a great fragrance for men looking for an aquatic cologne that actually lasts. Expect to get 8 plus hours of longevity with decent projection.

Chrome Extreme can be worn both casually and formally. If you do plan on wearing it to the office then go with just 1 or 2 sprays because this cologne is strong.

5. Jimmy Choo Man Ice

Ever thought what lemonade would smell like in cologne form? Meet Jimmy Choo Man Ice. Yes, this fragrance does literally smell like a cold lemonade. It is refreshing and cooling, just want you need for hot summer days.

Jimmy Choo Man Ice by Jimmy Choo, 
cheap summer fragrance for men
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Jimmy Choo Man Ice opens up with notes of mandarin orange and bergamot. In the mid you get notes of apple which quickly transitions into a masculine base with notes of citrus and woods. Overall, this is a great casual scent for hot summer days.

The performance for this fragrance is average with longevity being around 3-4 hours with mild projection. But again, this is the sort of fragrance you want to re-apply again and again throughout the day just to get that refreshing and cooling opening.

6. Rochas L’Homme

Looking for an evening out/date fragrance for the summer? Then check out L’Homme Rochas.

L’Homme Rochas is an incredibly smooth and classy fragrance. When I first tried out this scent I was immediately amazed at the quality of the fragrance. This is not your typical fresh, citrusy scent. This has more depth and character.

This cologne opens up with a fresh yet sweet scent of blood orange and pineapple. You then get a smooth cardamom along with juniper berries. In the base, the fragrance smells incredibly unique with a smooth and fresh dry down with a hint of tonka bean giving it some sweetness.

Personally, I recommend this fragrance either for the office or for evenings out. The freshness of this scent along with the sweetness make it an incredibly alluring summer night out/date fragrance.

The performance is also quite good with 7 hours of longevity and soft projection.

7. Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

If you’re just looking for an affordable summer fragrance that you spray on and which everyone around you will love, then look no further than Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein.

As the name suggests, this is an aquatic fragrance. Eternity Aqua opens up fresh with a blast of citrus and aquatic notes. In the mid, you get a refreshing plum and cucumber scent which mixes with the aquatic opening. In the dry down, this fragrance maintains it’s aquatic scent which blends in with a hint of musk and woods.

This is a great do everything sort of fragrance. You can wear to the office or to casual events. You can even use this cologne for an evening date if the temperature is too high.

This a mass appealing scent that everyone around you (including yourself) will enjoy. It lasts around 6 hours with moderate projection.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best affordable summer fragrances for men. This list included fragrances that are great for the office, for casual events and even nights out and dates.