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How Should Joggers Fit? (Men’s Fit Guide)

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Joggers are a great item to have in your casual wardrobe. They pair really well with casual outfits and have a youthful and athletic appeal. But like anything else in men’s style, the fit is key. So here is a guide on how men’s joggers should fit.

How Should Men’s Joggers Fit?

Men’s joggers should have a slim (but not tight) fit with room through the hips, thighs and knees. The length of the joggers should be around your ankle. When wearing athletic shoes, the joggers should touch the top of your shoes.


Unlike with jeans, chinos and dress pants where you need to the get the waist fit perfect, joggers have the benefit of an elastic waist and even drawstrings which can really help you adjust the fit.

Simply put, you should aim for a waist fit that is comfortable and snug. Ideally you shouldn’t need to use the drawstrings.

Because of the elastic waist and also the drawstrings, it’s better to go for joggers that fit perfect everywhere else even if they’re a bit loose in the waist. You can always tighten them up at the waist using the drawstrings but can’t loosen them if they’re too tight.

Knee and Ankle

Joggers should be well fitted around the knees down to the ankle. You should be able to pinch around 1 inch of fabric. They shouldn’t be so tight that you see creasing and stretching of the fabric around this area. You also shouldn’t have too much excess fabric which will create a baggy appearance.

How long should joggers be?

You want your joggers to hit the top of your shoes. Anything longer, and they’ll bunch up around the ankle which looks bad. You also don’t want your joggers to be too short because that comes across as trendy.

Look for a jogger length that hits around your ankle.


Well fitting joggers should lightly hug your hips without being too tight. You don’t want to be mistaken for a woman wearing tight jeggings. Also they shouldn’t be too loose where you have excess fabric dangling across your backside.

Aim for a hip fit similar to well fitting jeans which will look modern and masculine.


You should be able to pinch about 1 to 2 inches of fabric around your thigh. The joggers shouldn’t be skin tight where you can’t pinch any fabric. They also shouldn’t be loose and baggy.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how men’s joggers should fit. Joggers are a great casual piece to have in your wardrobe but the key is to get the perfect fit. Hopefully this guide made that easier.

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Should I go a size up in joggers?

If your joggers are tight in the waist then you definitely should size up. Also, if they are tight in the hips and legs then you will need to try the larger size. It’s better to size up in joggers if the larger size fits well around the hips and legs because you can always adjust the waist and make it smaller by using the drawstrings but cannot make it looser.

How do you know if your joggers are too tight?

If you have fabric pulling and stretching around your hips, thighs and knees, then the joggers are clearly too tight. Also, if the joggers are uncomfortable around your waist, then they are also too tight.

Are joggers supposed to show ankle?

For a trendy casual look, you can go for cropped joggers that show ankle. But for a modern look, the joggers should hit the top of your shoes which is around your ankle bone which means your ankle will not show.