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Levi’s Trucker Jacket Review (Best Denim Jacket for Men?)

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The Levi’s Trucker Jacket is arguably the most iconic denim jacket you can buy today. Taking into consideration the name recognition, worldwide availability, and history in film and cinema, it is no surprise that this brand carries the most popular version of the denim jacket. In this Men’s Levi’s Trucker Jacket review we take a look at a trucker jacket that I have owned and worn for over 4 years.


Most denim jackets these days are modeled after the Type 3 denim jacket introduced by Levi’s back in 1962. As such, most iterations that you will find of the Levi’s denim jacket will have a similar design with two breast pockets, a classic shirt style collar and welted hand pockets. The design is classic and masculine. The breast pockets build up the chest region while the straight cut through the body accentuates the waist relative to the shoulders.

The jacket comes with two hand warmer pockets as well as two inside pockets alongside the two breast pockets. In total there are 6 pockets on the jacket which makes it incredibly practical. The inside pockets have a nice depth which allows you to carry items such as a passport or wallet. Even the breast pockets have a certain degree of room but its best to leave them empty as a full breast pocket will look awkward and ruin the otherwise streamline look of the jacket.

As with most denim jackets, there are side adjusters, but these are rarely utilized. The jacket is unlined and merely has fabric on the inside to reinforce the pockets. The body of the jacket as well as the sleeves have button closures which have a robust feel.

Mens Levis Denim jacket Review


Most denim jackets these days are made from a medium to light-weight material with stretch which allows the jacket to be more comfortable than traditional 100% cotton jackets. You do however lose durability with a lighter weight fabric. This version of the denim jacket has a fabric composition of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. The denim fabric itself is also of medium weight. Personally, I feel this is a great balance between durability and comfort. The mid-weight denim allows the jacket to retain its rugged appeal while the 1% elastane provides a decent stretch.

I have tried on denim jackets with higher polyester, elastane and spandex percentages and although they are ridiculously stretchy and comfortable, they don’t feel like denim jackets. In my opinion, a denim jacket should have a certain degree of stiffness which gives the jacket its rugged character and durability.  

How Do Levi’s Trucker Jackets Fit?

Levi’s trucker jackets are designed with a straight fit silhouette. As such, it is advisable to size down if you would like a snug fit. For example, I typically wear a medium size dress shirt (15.5 inch collar and 34 inch sleeve) and the small size in this jacket fits perfectly. The jacket is fitted without being tight and provides a great trim look. Moreover, the jacket has higher armholes which not only enhances the fit but also provides good range of motion. The jacket comes down just past the waist which is ideal since it accentuates the upper portion of the body without being too long.

Mens Levis Denim jacket Review


Levi’s denim jackets can be found all over the world. Countless retailers carry these jackets in a multitude of washes and styles. Some special edition jackets feature engravings on them which make them one of a kind. Others have a Sherpa lining and collar (aka Sherpa Jackets) which allows you to wear them in cooler temperatures. Personally, I would avoid the jackets with special engravings since it lessens the versatility of the jacket.  

Levi’s denim jackets typically range in price from $75 to upwards of $100. Depending on the type of jacket and where you purchase it from the price can range considerably. You can also find them for lower prices on Amazon as well as with other retailers when they go on sale. Considering the versatility of the jacket and the durability that denim affords, it is a good value.

What Do You Wear With a Levi’s Trucker Jacket?

Levi’s trucker jacket and denim jackets in general are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with t-shirts, henleys, polos, button down collar shirts as well as jeans, chinos, khakis and even dress pants. Trucker jackets look great with boots for a more rugged and western look as well as with sneakers and loafers for a more modern aesthetic.

When pairing denim jackets with jeans, make sure the jacket and jeans have a contrast. In other words, if the jacket is a dark denim, then pair it with medium to light wash jeans. If the jacket is a light wash, then combine it with dark wash or grey jeans.

Black denim jackets are incredibly versatile and pair easily with a multitude of other items. The one thing that makes black denim jackets unique is that you can pair them with black jeans and no one will call you out for wearing the “Canadian tuxedo”. In fact, an all-black denim outfit looks amazing!

Here I paired this jacket with dark wash jeans and a vintage henley along with military inspired boots. The look is casual, sharp and masculine.

Final Thoughts

The Levi’s Trucker Jacket is the most popular denim jacket you can buy today due to it’s iconic history. The jacket comes in various styles, colors, fabrics and even designs so there is a trucker jacket out there for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this Levi’s Trucker Jacket review. If you are thinking about buying a trucker jacket make sure to check out ‘How a Jean Jacket Should Fit’ so you get the perfect fit!

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