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How Should a Henley Shirt Fit (Men’s Fit Guide)

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A henley is an awesome item to have in your wardrobe. It adds a masculine refined edge to pretty much any outfit, but that’s only true if it fits well. So here is a guide on how a henley shirt should fit.

How Should a Henley Fit?

A henley should fit slim in the chest and have a straight silhouette through the body. The shoulder seam should lie at the end of the shoulders and the sleeves should be fitted with no excess fabric. The length of the henley should be around the belt line.


Similar to a t-shirt you want the collar of the henley to lie smoothly around your neck with no tightness or excess fabric.

The button placket should be no longer than the bottom of your armpit. If it’s longer than that then the henley will appear too big for your body.

How to Button a Henley?

For 3 button henleys, you want to button at least 1 button. For henleys with 4 buttons, you should button at least 2. If the henley has 5 buttons then you should button 3 of them.


The shoulders seam of the henley should line up with the shoulder bone. If the seam lies before this point, the henley is too small. If the seam is falling off your shoulder then the henley is too big.


You want to get a henley that is fitted in the chest but not tight. This will make you appear more muscular.

There shouldn’t be any creasing or pulling in the fabric. If there is, then the henley is tight. If you have too much excess fabric, then the henley is too big.


Similar to a t-shirt, a henley should have a straight fit through the body. You want to avoid henleys that hug your torso because they look tight and cheap. You also want to avoid henleys that have too much room in the body which will create a boxy look.


The sleeves should gently hug your arms with no excess fabric. I personally like and recommend pulling the sleeve up your forearm because that just creates a really cool and masculine look. So the sleeve length really doesn’t matter here. But if you want to be picky, then look for a henley where the sleeves end right at your wrist bone.

If you’re going for a short sleeve henley then make sure the sleeve ends at the halfway point between the top of your shoulder and elbow.


A lot of men screw this up by getting a henley that is too long. This makes you look short.

You want the length of the henley to hit just below the belt line. This will make you appear proportional and create a modern look. If the henley hem doesn’t reach your belt, then it’s too short. If it goes well past your belt then it’s too long.



I hope you enjoyed this guide on how should a henley fit.

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