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How Should a Hoodie Fit (Men’s Style Guide)

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When it comes to men’s hoodies, there are basically two types. The first is a casual loose style that is meant to be worn with joggers for casual looks.

The second is a more refined hoodie that is cut slimmer and can be worn with dark denim for more elevated casual looks.

Don’t get me wrong. A hoodie is always casual. It isn’t supposed to be worn with a dress shirt and tie, but the right hoodie can look really sharp and can really elevate your casual outfits.

Casual Hoodie Fit

The casual hoodie has a loose fit overall with room through the chest, body and sleeves. The length can also be slightly longer.

Casual Hoodie Fit Guide, How A Hoodie Should Fit

Casual hoodies are typically made in a chunkier material that is great for cooler fall and winter months, especially with layering.

You can wear these hoodies on their own or layering over/under.

Elevated Hoodie Fit

For the elevated hoodie, you want to go for a slimmer and trimmer fit. It should fit your body well like a well fitted t-shirt or crew neck sweater.

The length should be around the belt line. Anything shorter and it’ll look too small. Anything longer than the belt line, and it will throw off your body proportions.

How A Elevated Hoodie Should fit , hoodie fit guide

The sleeves should be trim and not baggy and should hit around your wrist bone. They shouldn’t be longer than this point nor shorter.

These hoodies are more commonly made from lightweight and finer fabrics like fine merino wool, cashmere, linen and pima cotton. As such, these have a lightweight feel and can be worn in the summer and spring months.

With the trimmer fit, this hoodie looks great paired with dark denim for an elevated casual look.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how a hoodie should fit. We covered both casual hoodies as well as more elevated hoodies.


How to wear a hoodie without looking sloppy?

Avoid the sloppy look by styling a hoodie with jeans and joggers. Make sure the hoodie is well fitted and not too baggy. For shoes, pair the hoodie with leather and suede sneakers.

How to know if a hoodie is too small?

A hoodie is too small if the shoulder seam of the hoodie lies before your shoulder end point. Also, a hoodie is too small if it is tight in the chest and body area with visible creasing and stretching.

Should I size up in hoodies?

If you plan on wearing the hoodie casually with joggers then you can definitely size up. When wearing hoodies with dark jeans however, it is best to go with your normal size for a streamlined modern look.

How do I know if my hoodie is too big?

A hoodie is too big if the shoulder seam of the hoodie is falling off the end of your shoulders. A hoodie is also too big if you have excessive fabric in the chest and body area. If the length of the hoodie goes well past the belt line then the hoodie is too long.