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Business Casual Outfits (Men’s Outfits for Every Season)

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Here is a collection of business casual outfits for men. The outfits cover all seasons and include outfits that are great for warmer and cooler temperatures. Moreover, the look book also provides a wide range of business casual outfits ranging from the smart end of business casual up to the more formal end of business casual.

Recommended Brands for Men’s Business Casual Attire


Spier & Mackay

Taylor Stitch

Business Casual Outfits for Men


Summer is a difficult month for men’s style because dressing well directly competes with staying cool and comfortable. So it’s best to avoid unnecessary layers and go with a simple dress shirt, button down or polo along with lighter weight dress pants, chinos and trousers.

For this look I went with a dark solid navy polo shirt along with garment dyed grey chinos. Since its summer I went with desert boot inspired Clarks desert Mali boots which are incredibly breathable and comfortable in the summer months.

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Although the polo is a more casual shirt when compared with a typical dress shirt or button down, since it is a solid color and is paired with grey chinos, it works for a business casual look.

Patterned shirts are a great option for summer since they bring some much needed color to your outfit. For more dressy business casual settings, they might not be appropriate so it’s best to avoid them if you are unsure or check with relevant people beforehand.

Just make sure that you pair the shirt with otherwise neutral pieces such as a solid dress pant and dress shoes. Here I paired a medium blue patterned shirt with navy light weight wool dress pants and black derby dress shoes.


Winter is a great season for men’s style since it allows for layering which adds depth and dimension to outfits. Moreover, winter is the perfect season to bring out heavy weight jackets and coats such as peacoats and topcoats.

Peacoats are a menswear staple since they are both classic and incredibly stylish. Moreover, they can be a core component of a business casual wardrobe.

For this look, I went with a classic navy peacoat over top a classic white dress shirt, navy stripe tie and gray wool trousers.

white dress shirt stripe navy tie, grey  wool pants , black boots and navy peacoat , business casual winter outfits

Leather jackets can also be worn as part of business casual attire but the key is to wear one that is minimalist in design. So what does that mean? It means that you choose a jacket with a simple and clean design and avoid versions that have extravagant pockets, zippers, and other details (i.e., motorcycle jackets) that detract from an otherwise streamlined look. Also go with either black or dark/medium brown since these colors harmonize well with other components of a business casual wardrobe.

v-neck sweater , business casual sweater

The one I am wearing has a classic shirt collar and a clean minimalist design. I paired it with a classic white dress shirt, navy tie and a black v-neck sweater. Finishing the look is a pair of heavy weight wool trousers and waterproof boots.

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Spring and fall are both cooler months so most men wear the same type of clothing in both seasons. However, in my opinion spring is more of a colorful and lively season whereas fall is darker and neutral. As such, your outfits should correspond with the seasons.

For this spring look, I took a classic business casual outfit consisting of a white dress shirt, navy silk tie and pinstripe trousers and made it more colorful by adding a mustard colored crew neck sweater. The look is still professional enough for most business casual settings but the bright sweater gives the outfit some life and vibrant color.

Spring is also a great season to bring out a sport coat or blazer. For this look I went with a linen-cotton sport coat paired with a white dress shirt and black corduroy trousers. The white dress shirt and black corduroy trouser combo is a classic for business casual attire, but adding the sport coat adds more sophistication to the look.

white dress shirtwith black jeans black boots and sport coat


When I think of fall style, neutral and dark colors come to mind such as a navy, burgundy, brown, grey, black, dark green and the like.

The all-black business casual look is a great way to add some stylistic edge to an otherwise professional look. Here I paired a black v-neck sweater with black corduroy trousers and black derby dress shoes. The only white component in the outfit is the dress shirt which gives the look sophistication and edge. The key to making this look work is making sure everything fits well from the pants to the sweater.

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black sweater with black jeans black derby shoes white dress shirt , business casual outfit

Field jackets are a great companion in the cooler months and look great with business casual outfits. For this look I paired a classic dark green field jacket with burgundy chinos, a cream-colored dress shirt and a light brown wool-cashmere tie. For my footwear, I chose suede dress boots since they offer some texture to the look and look great with the dark green field jacket.

business casual outfit for fall

Business Casual Jeans

Wearing denim in a business casual ensemble depends completely upon where you work. In some workplaces, denim is perfectly fine however in others it is not.

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Either way, if you are wearing denim, make sure it is a dark wash with no distress or fading. Also make sure the rest of the outfit corresponds with the casual nature of the look. So no silk ties, black oxfords, or cuff links.

Instead opt for a button down shirt since it is more casual than a typical dress shirt but still perfect for business casual. Moreover, choose footwear that is a bit more casual than typical oxfords or derbys. Here, I went with a brown chelsea boot which looks great with the dark jeans and gingham button down.

For the cooler weather, you can wear your dark jeans in place of your dress pants. The idea is the same, go for a darker denim and pair it with the rest of your business casual wardrobe.

In this fall inspired look, I wore dark wash denim paired with a dress shirt and tie along with a wool topcoat. This look is great for the fall since the heavier weight denim keeps you warmer than typical chinos and it also complements the wool top coat.

business casual jeans outfit to show are jeans business casual

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed and more importantly got some style inspiration from this business casual outfits look book. Let me know which outfit was your favorite as well as how you like to dress business casual in different seasons.

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