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7 Best Cheap Jeans for Men (2023)

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Best Cheap Jeans for Men

Amazon Essentials Jeans (Multiple Fits)

These are some of the most affordable jeans on this list. Amazon now offers a wide range of men’s clothing from jeans to henleys and even blazers and suits. The best part about these jeans is that they come in a ton of different washes, fits and sizes. No matter your body type, you should be able to find a jean that fits well. Overall, the quality is decent and when you consider these cost well below $50, you really can’t go wrong.

Best For: Those on a budget looking for versatile jeans available in multiple washes, sizes and fits.

Uniqlo Selvedge Jeans

Yes, selvedge jeans for under $50. This isn’t a misprint. Plus, they come in a dark indigo which makes them incredibly classic and versatile. You can pair these with t-shirts, henleys and sweatshirts. These are also just as easily dressed up with a casual blazer or sport coat. Now, keep in mind, these aren’t heavy duty 18oz selvedge jeans. In fact, they are on the lighter side, but that might be a plus for most men who just want a nice looking pair of non-distressed dark jeans.

The only down side to these jeans is that they are only available in a slim fit, so they might not work for you if your body type does not fit this description.

Best for: Dressed up occasions where you want to pair them with collared shirts, blazers and sport coats.

Lee Jeans

Lee is a classic American brand that has been making jeans since 1889. Their jeans feature good quality denim in either 100% cotton or a cotton/spandex blend. The jeans are available in multiple washes ranging from lighter to darker blue as well as gray, black and other neutral colors.

Best For: Men looking for classic fits such as boot cut, straight and slim straight. These jeans lean more on the casual side so they look their best paired with t-shirts, henleys and sweaters.

Gap Jeans

Gap is a famous for their denim and they even have a special line known as 1969. With multiple fits as well as numerous washes, you are guaranteed to find a fit and wash that suits your style. They also have selvedge jeans that are made from Japanese denim but these are on the pricier side. There regular denim jeans are a great value considering the quality you get for under $50.

Best For: Anyone look for good quality affordable denim. With many fits and washes, Gap jeans are good option for anyone.

Walmart Selvedge Denim

Walmart is currently selling selvedge jeans for well under $50. If that’s not a steal, I don’t know what is. Sure, these jeans aren’t heavyweight Japanese selvedge denim, but most men don’t want to wear jeans that heavy anyway. These jeans are on the lighter side which makes them great for year round wear. Currently they have just 2 colors options; black and dark indigo. The dark indigo is a great versatile pair that you are dress up or down with ease.

Best For: Men looking for an affordable selvedge jean.

American Eagle Jeans

American eagle has a fantastic selection of men’s jeans in various fits, washes and styles. American eagle jeans are famous for their comfort thanks to a substantial amount of elastane in the denim fabric. These jeans are on the lighter side so they are great for warmer weather. Overall, these jeans lean more the youthful side with slimmer fits and trendier washes but they also have classic fits such as straight as well as more neutral washes.

Best For: Younger men looking for trendier denim which unique washes and distressing.

Carhartt Jeans

If you wear jeans for work or just need a tough pair that can go through then consider Carhartt Jeans. Carhartt is a classic American brand that focuses on workwear so you can expect their jeans to be up for the challenge. These are made from thick denim fabric that should offer great durability wash after wash.

Best For: These are the jeans you want to reach for when you are doing work around the house and you don’t mind getting them roughed up and dirty. Just keep in mind, these aren’t dressy jeans, so they aren’t meant to be worn with a blazer or sport coat, but for everything else, they work just fine.


I hope you liked our list of the best cheap jeans for men.