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How to Style a Denim Jacket (3Looks for Men)

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Denim jackets are an incredibly versatile menswear staple. Here are 3 looks on how to style a denim jacket.

1) Denim Jacket with Boots

If you want to look like a rebel, then pair a distressed denim jacket with slim jeans and lace up boots. The key to pulling this look off is to make sure everything fits well. A classic t-shirt is the best option since it exudes masculinity.

For pants, you want to go for a pair of jeans that are a different wash/color from the denim jacket. Here I went for a medium gray pair which contrasts really well against the denim jacket and black boots.

How to Style a Denim Jacket , blue denim jacket with black basic t shirt grey jeans and black boots

2) Dressing Up the Denim Jacket

Although denim jackets are inherently casual, you can still dress them up to a certain level. Also keep in mind that not all denim jackets can be dressed up. Lighter wash denim jackets and also those with distressing are great for casual looks but don’t pair well with more formal outfits. While a black or dark wash denim jacket works well paired with more formal pieces such as a collared shirt and tie.

For this look, I kept the look almost all black with a black denim jacket, black pants and a black tie. The white collared shirt is there to provide contrast as well as give the look some formal edge.

3) Denim Jacket with Chinos

Chinos are a great alternative to jeans and are super simple to pair with denim jackets. Unlike jeans, chinos tend to come in unique colors such as lighter pastels as well as darker neutrals such as navy and charcoal. For the summer months, pair denim jackets with lighter colored chinos for a cool and classic summer look.

In the fall and winter months, dark neutrals such as navy, olive, brown, burgundy and charcoal are great color options to wear with denim jackets.

black denim jacket with chinos and brown shirt , black boots , denim jacket style


I hope you liked this guide on how to style a denim jacket. Let me know how you like to wear your denim jacket.