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10 Best Colognes for Men (For Every Season and Occasion)

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Here are the 10 best men’s colognes for every season and occasion.

Mont Blanc Explorer

Want people to think you are wearing Creed Aventus but don’t want to spend over $300? Then get Explorer from Mont Blanc. This fragrance has all the compliment getting qualities of Creed Aventus but lasts longer than newer batches of Aventus. So it costs less and lasts longer than the fragrance that costs 6x more, so what’s the downside? Well, there really isn’t any.

This is a solid fragrance that you can wear to the office, on a date, or any other situation you can imagine. Plus, some people actually prefer the smell of Explorer over Aventus!

Versace Dylan Blue

Dylan blue is an incredibly versatile and compliment getting fragrance. It has a really fresh and sharp opening which is quite unique due to the note of Fig. Then as the fragrance progresses you get more of that aquatic feel which then dries down to a slightly sweet saffron, incense and musk base. Didn’t get all that? No problem. Simply put, this is a fragrance that is fresh and aquatic during the opening and slightly sweet and smoky in the dry down.

A lot of people compare this fragrance to Dior Sauvage. It does have some similarities to it, but it has less of that metallic opening and less pepper, which Sauvage is known for. Overall, this is a great wear anytime, do anything sort of fragrance with good performance. It’s also office safe. Just make sure to go with just 1 or 2 sprays if you plan on wearing it from 9 to 5. If you want to smell like a clean and sophisticated gentlemen, then definitely consider Dylan Blue.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme

Most summer fragrance tend to have below average performance but that’s not the case with Light Blue Eau Intense. With this fragrance you can easily expect a longevity of 6 to 8 hours with good solid projection (i.e. people will be able to smell you). Think of this fragrance as your typical fresh summer scent but with a twist. Light Blue has a sea salty note which make you think of the beach on a bright sunny day. In the base of the fragrance you have wood and musk which even it out and give it a masculine edge. Over all this is a great summer fragrance that you can wear casually or formally to the office.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche

If you’re going to the beach, hanging out with friends or going to a summer party, then this is the perfect fragrance for the occasion. Man Eau Fraiche is an aquatic, fruity and woody fragrance that is incredibly easy to wear and garners a lot of compliments. The fragrance starts off with a prominent note of lemon and star fruit which is incredibly refreshing and uplifting. It then shifts to a more aquatic and woody dry down.

Bentley Silverlake

Silverlake is a 2020 release by Bentley that is described as being reminiscent of driving through snow covered mountains surrounded by alpine lakes. The imagery is definitely accurate because this is a fresh, sharp and aquatic fragrance. In the opening you get a good bit of sharpness from the mint and citrus and as the fragrance progresses it becomes a long lasting aquatic with hints of musk and spices. Overall, this is a great spring time fragrance because it suits the season incredibly well. Moreover, since it is a fresh scent, it is safe to wear casually or formally.

The performance is also really good coming in at round 8 hours with decent projection. Think of this fragrance as an updated version of Acqua Di Gio with a sharper opening and better performance.

Missoni Pour Homme

Missoni is an incredibly underrated fragrance house. They produce high quality fragrances that have good performance but don’t break the bank. Missoni Pour Homme is a fragrance that can best be described as a less incense based version of Bleu De Chanel. It has a similar opening to Bleu De Chanel owing to the grapefruit. In the dry down it becomes a more muskier version of Bleu De Chanel with hints of soft leather and spice.

It’s an incredibly easy to wear scent that is great for the office and formal occasions. The is a year round fragrance that is sure to garner plenty of positive feedback.

Azzaro Wanted By Night

Wanted by Night is probably my favorite fragrance to wear when fall rolls around. In the opening it has a fruity smell with plenty of orange mixed with lavender and soft spices. In the dry it transforms into an an incredibly rich and deep warm fragrance with owing to the cinnamon, leather and warm spices.

Most women absolutely adore this scent and describe it as being alluring and warm. The performance is also really good and you can expect a longevity of 8+ hours with good projection. This is a more casual fragrance best suited for parties and informal gatherings.

Versace Eros Flame

If you’re into men’s fragrances then you know how popular Versace Eros is. Go to any party and you are sure to smell at least a bunch of men wearing the original Versace Eros. And this is exactly why I am recommending Eros Flame. Just like the original, Eros Flame is a sweet compliment getting fragrance but is unique in the sense that it has more of a citrus, tonka and vanilla scent profile while the original Eros focused more on apple alongside vanilla and tonka.

Eros Flame has all the performance of the original Eros which means that it can be worn in the fall and winter months with ease. If you like the original Eros but want to stand out, then definitely try out Eros Flame!

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo and Uomo Signature

Want to smell like a delicious desert? Then check out Uomo by Salvatore Ferragamo. Uomo is a sweet and warm fragrance which reminds you of the desert tiramisu with hints of chocolate lurking in the background.

This fragrance is fairly linear which means that the scent doesn’t change from start to finish. It starts off with sweet and dries down sweet. The compliment factor is very high on this fragrance because many women love smelling sweet fragrances on men.

If you want a sweet but not too sweet fragrance and want to add some edge, then consider Uomo Signature. This is a flanker to the original Uomo but with slightly less sweetness and more leather and coffee. Simply put, this fragrance smells like you are drinking a hot cappuccino wearing a black leather jacket.

Performance on both these fragrances is exceptional with both lasting 8+ hours easily with good projection. Since these are sweet desert/coffee based fragrances, they are best for casual occasions. But if you want to wear them to the office, then definitely go with just 1 or 2 sprays, not more.

Rasasi Layuqawam

Layuqawam by Rasasi is, generally speaking, considered a clone of the much more expensive Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. The only issue with considering this a clone is that it doesn’t smell cheap or synthetic. In fact, it smells jsut as good, and dare I say, better than Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. While Tuscan Leather comes across a bit more sweeter, Layuqawam tones back the sweetness in place of subtle raspberry note.

Overall, this is a rich leather scent with a bit of sweetness. If you are a fan of heavy leather fragrances then definitely give this cologne a try. Performance is really good with this fragrance easily lasting upwards of 8+ hours with very good projection. I wouldn’t consider this an office fragrance but for formal events in the late fall and winter, this is a great fragrance to have.


These were the 10 best colognes for men. This fragrance list had colognes for every season and occasion so no matter where you are in the world, or what you are doing, there is a fragrance here that you can wear confidently.