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7 Best Summer Jeans for Men (2022)

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Looking for jeans that you can wear to when it’s hot outside? You’ve come to the right place. These are the best summer jeans for men.

Some considerations

Day jeans and night jeans

Simply put, you don’t want to be wearing dark wash jeans during the day because the bright sun plus dark color = equals skin burning. So during the day, stick to lighter wash denim. And pull out your darker jeans during the evening when it cools down and you need to dress up a bit.

Denim weight

Not all jeans are made equal. At least when it comes to weight. When it comes to summer denim, stick to jeans that weigh 10 oz. or less. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and start weighing your denim! Just use common sense. If a pair feels thinner and lightweight, then it’s probably good for summer wear. If it’s rigid and heavy, then keep it in the closet for cooler months.

P.S Most of the jeans on this list are 10 oz. or below in weight so they’re perfect for the warmer weather!

The Best Summer Jeans for Men

1. Taylor Stitch Natural Organic Selvage Jean

Taylor Stitch is well known for making some of the best quality leather and suede jackets. But did you know they also make killer jeans?

I love this pair because it’s made from a lightweight 10 oz. denim fabric that should make wearing these jeans a breeze even during hot summer days. The light beige color is great for those bright summer days because it won’t heat up like dark color jeans.

Wear this pair to the beach or to casual events paired with a linen button up or polo.

2. DL1961 Russel (Black Denim)

Who says you can’t wear black denim in summer? Maybe not during the day, but you can definitely rock it when the sun goes down. The key is to make sure the denim is lightweight and breathable.

This pair from DL1961 is a fantastic choice. It features a lightweight yet durable knit fabric that is breathable even in hot summer nights. Plus, the black wash makes these jeans perfect for dinners and night out events.

3. Spoke London Travel Jeans

Light wash denim screams summer but there is fine line between denim that is a bit too light in color (i.e. looks trendy and cheap) and denim that is just the perfect shade and looks classic.

This pair from Spoke London rides that line perfectly. These jeans have just the right amount of fading in the right areas so they look broken in and masculine. Just like a pair of jeans should. Plus, they come in 3 different fits!

Wear them with a lightweight collared shirt for a casual yet sharp look. And don’t forget to roll up the sleeves.

4. Bonobos Extra Stretch Jeans

Need jeans for an evening out or a nice dinner? Then definitely consider dark denim. There’s nothing as versatile. You can dress them up with a collared shirt and lightweight blazer for a sharp evening outfit that is perfect for dates or more semi-formal events.

These Bonobos jeans are a perfect match. They feature a classic dark wash and are made in a breathable denim fabric. Did I mention they come in 4 different fits? So you’ll definitely find a pair that suits your physique.

These are dressy jeans so wear them for semi-formal evening events when you want to dress sharp and impress. They’re also great for business casual wear.

5. Blank NYC Wooster Jeans

Grey jeans are a dark horse when it comes to men’s denim washes. The reason for this is that most men don’t really gravitate towards this color. This is a plus for you if you’re willing to pull of gray denim because it’ll help you stand out.

These Blank NYC jeans are made from a lightweight denim fabric with subtle whiskering and distressing. They’re not super dark, so you can definitely wear them during the day.

These jeans definitely have that bit of edge so rock them with a distressed henley or t-shirt.

6. Everlane 5 Pocket Pant

Looking for summer jeans to wear to the office? Then take a look at this pair from Everlane. Unlike traditional denim, these jeans/pants are made from a technical cotton fabric which makes them incredibly breathable, moisture wicking and comfortable.

They also have a dressier look reminiscent of dress pants. So if you’ve been sweating in your office pants then it’s time to upgrade.

7. DL1961 Russell French Grey Jeans

Nothing screams summer like a pair of light grey jeans. They look great with a t-shirt, polo or even a linen button up.

This pair from DL1961 is made with summer in mind. They feature a super breathable and moisture wicking cotton-modal blend fabric that is perfect for sitting beside the pool and enjoying some cold drinks.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best summer jeans for men. Let me know how you like to style denim during the hotter months.

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