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How To Wear A Cardigan (+Complete Outfits)

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Here is a men’s guide on how to wear a cardigan with outfit examples!

Business Casual

If you feel cold in the office then think of the cardigan as your best friend. You can either go for a lightweight v-neck or a shawl collar chunky cardigan.

collar cardigan with black jeans and blue shirt

You can dress them up by pairing these cardigans with a dress shirt and tie or dress them down by just wearing them with a collared shirt without a tie.

grey cardigan with blue dress pants brown belt and pink dress shirt , how to style a cardigan

A chunky shawl collar cardigan can also work great for cooler fall days because it provides a decent amount of warmth without you needing a jacket.

Lightweight v-neck cardigans are dressier than chunkier shawl collar cardigans. But you can still wear a shawl collar cardigan with business casual attire by pairing it with a dress shirt or oxford shirt with or without a tie.


When it comes to casual outfits, I would completely avoid the lightweight v-neck cardigan because it is meant to be worn over collared shirts. It looks best worn in business casual and formal settings and kind of looks weird when worn with t-shirts and jeans.

brown cardigan with dark blue jeans brown belt and off white shirt
V-neck cardigan with t-shirt. Just doesn’t look good in my opinion!

Instead, go for a shawl collar cardigan. These look better paired with casual items like jeans, chinos, boots and sneakers.

brown cardigan

You can also try out different colors, patterns and designs. Wear these cardigans with classic casual pieces like denim shirts, henleys, jeans and chinos.

I personally love wearing this peacoat inspired cardigan which works incredibly well paired with a henley and vintage style chinos.

blue cardigan with grey pants and brown boots , how to wear a cardigan


The right cardigan can even be worn with a suit. The key to pulling this look off is going for a lightweight cardigan made in a premium fabric like merino wool, cashmere or pima cotton. These cardigans are lightweight and thin enough to fit underneath a suit jacket without bulking things up.

grey suit with grey cardigan , how to style a cardigan

Also, you want to make sure to go for a neutral color for the cardigan so it pairs well with the suit. For suited looks, think of the cardigan as a replacement for the suit vest.

You might be wondering what is the best time/occasion to wear a cardigan with a suit? A lightweight cardigan under a suit can provide just the right amount of warmth of cooler fall and winter days.

grey suit with blue cardigan 
tips to style a cardigan
cardigan style guide

The cardigan also doesn’t dress down the suit too much so you can easily adapt this look for interviews, meetings and weddings.

But don’t ever try this with a chunky cardigan!


I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to wear a cardigan. Let me know how you like to style your cardigans!