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10 Best Business Casual Jackets for Men (2023)

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Here are the best business casual jackets for men for 2023.

Business Casual Jackets for Men (2023)

1. Blazer/Sport Coat

The blazer and sport coat are probably the most formal business casual jackets that you can wear. Basically if you want to dress one step down from a full suit, you wear a blazer paired with a dress shirt, tie and dress pants.

business casual jackets for men , blazer with white dress shirt khaki pants and brown boots

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a blazer and a sport coat? Simply put, a blazer is made from a finer fabric and therefore is perfect for the warmer seasons while a sport coat is typically made in a heavier fabric which is great for the cooler months. Blazers made from lighter weight materials like wool, silk, cotton and linen are great for the summer months because they allow the jacket to be more breathable.

blazer with white dress shirt and black pants , business casual jackets for men

Sport coats on the other hand are made from heavier weight wool fabrics like Donegal, tweed and flannel help keep you warmer in the cooler months. For business casual wear go for blazers and sport coats in a neutral color like gray, brown, navy, burgundy and khaki. You can also experiment with different patterns but keep in mind that the more simpler the design the more formal and easier it will be to wear to the office.

2. Field Jacket

I find that if you commute to work then nothing beats the versatility and durability of a field jacket. Modern field jackets are made from a durable cotton or synthetic fabric which is commonly even water resistant. What this means is that you can comfortably wear a field jacket 3 seasons of the year and it won’t require much in terms of upkeep. For example, you won’t want to wear a $1000 leather jacket when it rains or in places where you can get stains (like on subways). But a field jacket can take all the beating of a leather jacket and still look awesome.  

field jacket with white dress shirt maroon chino pants and brown boots , business causal jackets

Field jackets can also be dressed up or down depending on your outfit. You can easily wear a well-fitting field jacket to the office if you pair it with a collared shirt, dress pants/chinos and dress shoes/boots. The best color for a field jacket is dark green, charcoal and brown. I would avoid getting one in a light color because it shows stains more easily and can be hard to wear in the cooler months.

3. Leather/Suede Jacket

The more minimalist the style, the easier it will be to wear to the office. black and dark brown are going to be your best bet because they are both classic and easy to dress up.

black leather jacket with white dress shirt and chino pants with black dress boots, business casual jackets for men

4. Bomber Jacket

You might not think of a bomber jacket as being a business casual jacket that you can wear to the office, but trust me, the right style and design can easily be worn in most business casual workplaces. The key is to choose a bomber jacket with a minimalist design and a slim fit. A slim fitting minimalist bomber jacket in black, dark green, navy or brown works really well paired with a dress shirt and chinos because it gives the outfit a cool edge.

black bomber jacket with white dress shirt black tie and chino pants

Bomber jackets in unique colors and those with patches are great for more casual outfits like those featuring street style but they don’t work well with business casual attire.

5. Vintage inspired Jacket

You have a lot of options here depending on your personal style and needs. If you want to something to wear in the cooler months then get something like a Mallory jacket which is styled like a sports jacket and made from a thick wool tweed fabric that is both incredibly durable and warm.

green jackets with white dress shirt , dress pant and snow boots , business causal jacket

But if you want something with more edge, then consider the Navy Deck jacket I am wearing. This jacket has a rich history in not just the navy but also in motorcycle riding. Both these jackets and many other vintage styled jackets are perfect for business casual attire where you want to look dressy but also stand out from everyone else.

6. Top coat

If you wear suits to the office then a top coat is probably your best friend when winter rolls around. Top coats are specifically designed to be worn over top of suits and blazers but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with just dress shirts and sweaters.

When choosing a color, go for black, dark gray and navy because these can be worn with pretty much any outfit. You can also go for a top coat in a camel color but I would recommend that this be your second top coat after you get one the colors mentioned before. As far as the fit goes, you want to get a topcoat in a slimmer cut that end just before your knees because this allow maximum versatility.

7. Peacoat

Don’t wear suits to the office but still want to look sharp in the winter months? Then get a peacoat. Peacoats are a great business casual jacket for the cooler months because they are typically made in a thicker wool fabric that is both durable and warm. I would recommend getting the peacoat in the classic navy color because it looks amazing with business casual attire. Dark gray, olive and burgundy are also great options but I would steer away from a black peacoat because it just looks off.

business casual top coat with suit

The classic peacoat is meant to be cut shorter than a top coat and should just about cover your hips. It shouldn’t be longer than this point otherwise it will look like a double breasted top coat. You also want to consider getting a peacoat in a timmer fit. A well fitting peacoat helps make your shoulders and chest look wider while narrowing your waist.  

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8. Harrington Jacket

You’ve probably came across the Harrington jacket in a video or blog where Steve McQueen is mentioned. There is good reason for this. Not only did Steve McQueen had great style but he also popularized the classic Harrington jacket. Harrington jackets are similar to bomber jackets so they offer similar versatility. You can wear a Harrington jacket to business casual offices by pairing it with a collared shirt, dress pants/chinos and leather dress shoes/boots.

The classic colors for a Harrington Jacket are beige and navy so I would stick with these. High quality Harrington jackets can get expensive so if you already own a well-fitting bomber jacket and confidently wear it to the office, then you don’t need to get a Harrington jacket. But if you own neither and are deciding on which one to get, I would recommend the Harrington because it’s definitely more unique and easier to dress to the office than most bomber jackets currently on the market.

9. Sweater Jacket

if your boss like saving on heating bills or if you just feel cold in the office, then consider incorporating a sweater jacket into your rotation. As the name suggests, a sweater jacket is more lightweight and typically less structured than a full jacket. So it’s actually designed to be worn indoors. Some versions just look like thicker cardigans while others are designed to look like bomber jackets and unstructured blazers.

Either way, treat them like a sweater or cardigan and pair them with a dress shirt or oxford shirt with or without a tie. These are perfect for the cooler transitional months where it’s not yet cold enough to wear a full jacket.

10. Trench Coat

Think of the trench coat as the stylish rain jacket your wardrobe is missing. This is the best business casual rain jacket you can own because unlike a typical rain jacket which looks awful with business casual attire, a trench coat looks great not just with a dress shirt and dress pants but also with a full suit.

The classic trench coat has shoulder epaulets as well as a waist belt which helps you to customize the fit depending on how many layers you are wearing underneath. The best colors for the trench coat are the classic beige and navy. Dark gray is also a good option. I would avoid black because it doesn’t look good in the spring and summer months, when you will be wearing this jacket. A trench coat is made from a medium to lightweight cotton blend fabric and as such is designed to be worn in the rain during the spring summer and fall months, not winter; so keep that in mind.  So if it’s sunny outside wear another jacket something like a bomber or Harrington jacket. And if it’s really cold, then get something with more insulation like a peacoat or topcoat.


I hope you liked our list of the best business casual jackets for men. The list included jackets that are more formal like blazers and top coats which work well for more dressy offices. While for workplaces that lean more on the casual side of business casual, we recommended bomber and leather jackets.