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7 Best Safety Razors Under $50

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If you’re thinking about switching from cartridge razors to safety razors then you’re probably overwhelmed with the number of safety razor options to choose from. Also, before you go out and spend $100 or more on a safety razor, it’s best to experiment with a more affordable option to see if a safety razor would work for you.

To make things easier I’ve complied a list of the best affordable safety razors. All of these razors can be had, at the time of writing, for under $50. These are all good quality razors made by reputable brands that can last for many years. I’ve also included safety razors for those who are beginners as well as for men with sensitive skin or heavy stubble. So here are the 7 best affordable safety razors under $50.

1. Merkur 34C

Regarded by many as the workhorse of the safety razor industry the 34C has been around for over 80 years. That should tell you something, it works and it works really well for most men regardless of if you’re a beginner or an experienced wet shaver.

It has a sturdy 2 piece design with a shorter knurled handle. The shaving experience is efficient yet mild and strikes the perfect balance for an everyday razor.

2. Edwin Jagger DE89

You’d be surprised to know that Edwin Jagger uses the same chrome plating on their razors that Rolls Royce uses on their vehicles. As such the DE89 is a stunning looking razor with one of the best chrome finishes on the market. It is a mild shaving razor similar to the Merkur 34C and the Muhle R89 which means it works for beginners and experienced shavers alike.

A slippery razor is a no go especially when you are shaving with sharp double edge blades. This is why I particularly like this rubberized black handle version from Edwin Jagger. It shares the same head design as all the other DE89 models but has a super grippy black rubber overlay on the handle which means you can confidently shave with no fear of the razor slipping.

3. Gillette Heritage Safety Razor

The Gillette Heritage is the first safety razor Gillette has produced after many decades. It was very well received due to it’s good built quality and shaving experience. The head of the razor is made in Germany while the handle is made in the United States.

The Heritage is a well made made razor comparable to the Edwin Jagger DE89 and the Muhle R89 in both build quality and shaving dynamics. It also comes in a vintage style case which makes this razor a perfect travel companion.

4. Merkur 37C Slant

A slant is different from a traditional safety razor in that it features a slanted head design. This leads to the blade slicing the hair at an angle. Theoretically, this should result in a more efficient cutting angle which would in turn lead to a smoother shave. As such, this makes the 37C the ideal razor for men with the combination of coarse stubble and sensitive skin.

The 37C is very similar to the Merkur 34C is both weight and length. The only difference being the slanted head design. This slant design is also available in a longer handled version named the Merkur 39C which is perfect for men with bigger hands.

5. Muhle R41

Let me be upfront. The Muhle R41 isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have heavy stubble then you probably don’t even need to look at this razor. Also, if you’re a beginner or someone who still hasn’t perfected their shaving technique (yes, that’s a thing), then you should also skip this razor.

But for men with heavy stubble and decent shaving technique, the R41 is arguably the best razor for the job. With its semi-open comb design, the R41 can actually shave down a full beard.

Similar to the Muhle R89, the R41 comes in a terrific chrome finish. I particularly like the R41 with the rose gold handle because it gives the razor an understated elegance.

6. Muhle R89

The Muhle R89 is in the same ball park as the Merkur 34C and the Edwin Jaguar DE89 when it comes to shaving dynamics. In other words, it’s a mild razor perfect for a newbie or an experienced wet shaver.

I love this this tortoise handled version of the R89 because it gives the razor an elegant look and helps it stand out from all the other silver chrome safety razors.

7. Rockwell 6C

This is the only adjustable safety razor on this list. An adjustable razor is a great option because it allows you to tune the razor to your shaving needs. Say you have sensitive skin and a lighter beard, then you can use the lower more milder setting on the Rockwell. And if you have a more heavier beard growth, then tune up the razor to a higher setting for a more efficient shave.

The 6C has 6 shaving settings ranging from 1 to 6 divided between 3 base plates. Each base plate then has 2 settings. You need to unscrew the razor in order to change its setting which takes about a minute or so.

I personally own and recommend the gunmetal version since it has a really cool looking dark gray hue. The chrome finishing is well done and the razor itself is well built.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best affordable safety razors under $50. Let me know what is your favorite budget safety razor.