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5 Best Safety Razors For Sensitive Skin

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Does you current razor leave you with redness, ingrown hairs, irritation and burning after a shave? Then it’s time to upgrade your shaving hardware and get a razor that will help you achieve a close comfortable shave with as little to no irritation. Here are the 5 best safety razors for sensitive skin.

Merkur Progress

This is probably the only razor most men will ever need. The Merkur Progress is an adjustable razor with settings ranging from 1 to 5 with increasing aggressiveness. What this means for you is that if you have sensitive skin, just stick to the 1st or 2nd settings and you’ll be good to go. If you have more hair growth, let’s say you shave only once or twice a week, then use the 3rd or 4th settings.

The only downside to the Progress is that you need to pay attention when loading the blade in the correct orientation. Other than that, it’s a very fine razor.


  • Adjustable from a mild to more aggressive shave
  • Good build quality should last many years


  • Aligning the razor head/settings can take more than 1 minute!

Rockwell 6C/6S

This is the razor I’ve been using for the past 2 years. Most men who started using the Rockwell 6C or 6S kind of just stick to this razor. The 6C and 6S are adjustable razors with interchangeable base plates which means you need to disassemble the razor in order to change its mildness/aggressiveness. On base plate 2, these razors are so mild that you barely feel the blade yet still efficient enough for a daily shave. In other words, perfect for men with sensitive skin.

The main difference between the 6C and the 6S is that the 6S is made from incredibly durable stainless steel while the 6C is made from a chrome plated metal allow.

Read our in-depth review on the Rockwell 6C vs 6S.


  • Adjustable base plates allow for mild or aggressive shave
  • Very good build quality (especially the 6S)
  • Excellent shave on base plate 2 for sensitive skin


  • Not a true adjustable razor (need to disassemble to change settings)

Merkur 37C

The 37C is a unique safety razor because it features a slant design. Unlike most safety razors which have a straight bar design for the head and base plate, the 37C twists the blade. This makes the razor slice the hair more effectively and with less effort.

So if you have the combination of sensitive skin along with coarse hair, then the 37C is your razor. It will help get you clean shaven with as little effort and irritation as possible.


  • Great for men with coarse hair and sensitive skin
  • Slant design makes it more efficient so less passes/repeated strokes needed
  • Good build quality


  • The slant design might freak you out at first when looking at it!
  • Slightly more aggressive than a standard straight bar safety razor

Merkur 34C/Edwin Jagger DE89

I’ve grouped the 34C and the DE89 into a single spot because they are really similar razors. Read any shaving forum and you’ll find that the 34C and the DE89 are two of the most recommended razors for beginners and men with sensitive skin. These razors are incredibly smooth and help you get a close comfortable shave with little to no irritation.

The DE89 is slightly longer which makes it a better fit for men with larger hands. Other than that the shaving experience is very similar.


Highly recommended by shaving experts for beginners and men with sensitive skin

Good build quality

Smooth shaving dynamics


None, really.

Gillette Heritage Razor

When Gillette came out with their 1st safety razor in decades, most wet shavers were really excited and rightfully so. The Gillette heritage is a good quality razor with a mild shave. This is an ideal razor to use for your daily shaves especially for men with sensitive skin. The closed comb design and mild blade exposure helps you get a close shave without irritating the skin underneath.

This razor also comes in a vintage style carrying case which also makes it the perfect travel razor.


  • Mild shave which means little to no irritation
  • Good build quality and design
  • Comes in a handsome vintage inspired case


  • Sells out quickly on amazon

Muhle R89

The Muhle R89 is one the best razors for men with sensitive skin. It is a mild shaving razor perfect for irritation free daily shaves. Muhle is a German brand and is known for producing high quality shaving products with stunning finishes. This R89 is no different. It has an eye catching chrome finish on the razor head and tail. The handle of the razor features a grippy all black knurled design which gives the razor some masculine edge.


  • Stunning chrome finish
  • Mild shaving razor great for those with sensitive skin


  • Nothing, really

Final Thoughts

Although the type and quality of razor you use plays a huge role in a comfortable shave, it might not be the only factor when it comes to getting an irritation free shave.

Some other considerations:

1. Shaving cream – some shaving cream just won’t work with your skin and could infect be causing the irritation. Fragr ance as well as essential oils in shave creams can lead to burning and redness. I experienced this first hand when I used a well known artisan shave soap.

2. Shaving technique – If you shave too quickly or put too much pressure on the razor and your skin, you can cause cuts and irritation. So use as little pressure as possible and take your time with shorter and gentler strokes.

3. Razor blades – this is quite subjective but plays a huge role in your shaving experience. A blade that might work really well for some men might cause irritation for others. There’s no shortcut here. Buy a sample pack and try as many as possible until you come across one that works with your skin. Also, don’t overuse a blade. Blades are cheap so there’s no point in saving a few cents over irritation.

4. Shaving without lather – This typically happens when you’re almost done shaving but have some areas to shave over with some hair left. The problem here is that the lather has either dried up by this point or isn’t protecting the skin. Shaving without lather can lead to more friction between the razor and skin thereby leading to cuts, redness, burning and even ingrown hairs. So always make sure to have lather wherever you shave.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best safety razors for men with sensitive skin. Let me know what your favorite razor is and which blade you prefer to use it with.