5 Best Fall Shoes for Men
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5 Best Fall Shoes for Men (2023)

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Fall is one of the best, if not the best season for men style. We finally get to take out our leather jackets, pea coats and topcoats. But what about shoes? Your shoes should also be stylish and go well with the rest of your fall wardrobe. So here are the 5 best fall shoes for men in 2023.

What Shoes Do You Wear in the Fall?

Since fall is a colder month compared to summer and spring, you want to wear shoes made from materials that will help keep your feet warm. The best materials in this case are leather and suede.

Best Fall Shoes for Men

1. Leather/Suede Sneakers

Sneakers have a come a long way in menswear. Once considered extremely casual and only appropriate for sport wear, sneakers today are being paired with suits!

But not all sneakers are made equal. For the fall months, opt for a leather or suede sneaker, which is a step above a typical canvas sneaker. They’ll keep you warmer in the fall weather.

Unlike canvas sneakers which have a youthful image, leather and suede sneakers are a great option for men over 30 since they look more mature and classic.

Source: Amazon

Value $$Beckett Simonon Sneakers

Budget $Sperry Sneaker

2. Suede Shoes/Boots

Suede shoes/boots are really underrated and underutilized in menswear. Perhaps this is due to the misconception that suede is difficult to maintain or hard to style.

Anyway, if you are not including suede shoes/boots in your fall wardrobe you are missing out.

Unlike typical smooth leather shoes and boots, suede gives a unique dimension to your outfit and its matte appearance pairs incredibly well with neutral fall colors.

suede derby

Choosing between a suede boot versus a suede derby/oxford really is personal preference. If you live in a colder environment, opt for a suede boot since it will give you more protection from the cold.

If you plan on regularly wearing suede to the office (business casual), then go for a suede oxford/derby since it will look the best paired with dress pants, chinos and khakis.

The best colors for suede boots/dress shoes are black, brown, medium to dark gray and dark green. These Thursday Captain boots are a great value option since they are made from a durable water repellant suede and feature a goodyear welt which means long term durability.

Value $$Thursday Captain Boots

Budget $Cole Haan Feathercraft Boot

Value $$Beckett Simonon Dunham Derbies

Budget $Stacy Adams Winslow

3. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are incredibly versatile and can be worn year-round. But they look especially great in the fall paired with dress pants, jeans and even suits. I would highly recommend going for a chelsea boot in brown over black since a black chelsea boot is really hard to dress down.

In fact, black chelsea boots look their best with suits and don’t pair well with more casual pieces such as dark jeans. So for maximum versatility, get a brown chelsea boot which you can wear with dress pants, chinos and jeans.  

If you do plan on wearing your chelsea boots with a suit, get one with a slim leather or rubber sole since this enhances the streamlined look of the suit.  

These Beckett Simonon Chelsea boots are a great value option if you want to pair your boots with more formal attire such as dress pants and suits. They feature a blake stitch construction which makes them more streamlined than traditional goodyear welted shoes.

Value $$Thursday Boots Cavalier

Beckett Simonon Bolton Chelsea Boots

Budget $Crevo Denham Chelsea Boot

4. Pebbled Grain Dress Shoes/Boots

If you are interested in wearing dress shoes in the fall, then definitely consider pebbled gain leather dress shoes/boots.

Unlike typical smooth leather, pebbled grain leather has a distinct texture which makes it stand out. There are plenty of styles to choose from such as chukka boots, derbies, oxfords and lace up boots.

Source: Kenneth Cole

This unique texture makes pebbled grain leather shoes/boots perfect for fall since this adds dimension and helps them pair incredibly well with heavier weight fall fabrics such as wool, cashmere and flannel.

5. Moc Toe Boot

Moc Toe Boots, in my opinion, are the ultimate casual boots. The keyword here is casual boots. So they should only be worn with casual outfits since they don’t pair well with more formal items such as dress pants and blazers/sport coats.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, nothing beats the comfortable wedge sole on a pair of Moc Toe Boots.

moc toe shoes for fall
Source: _m.t.v_

Moc toe boots were traditionally work boots, so they look their best paired with other fall menswear staples such as dark wash jeans, a flannel shirt and a casual work jacket.  

Well made Moc toe boots can be expensive but they are a worthwhile investment if your style is primarily casual.

High quality versions feature a goodyear welt construction which allows them to be re-soled many times which means a boot that will stay in your wardrobe for many years.

Source: Amazon

These Red Wing Classic Moc boots are a great example of a quality made pair of boots. They come in a multitude of colors including classic brown, black and even a navy. They’re goodyear welted so if taken care of, these boots should last you many years to come.

For a more budget yet quality option consider these Diplomat boots from Thursday Boots. These also feature a goodyear welt construction along with a grippy Vibram sole. The quality to price ratio of these boots is incredible and they come in many colors including a sharp black.

Value $$Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe

Red Wing Heritage Men’s Moc 6″ Boot

Thursday Boots Diplomat Moc toe

Budget $Eastland Mens Lumber Up Lace Up Boot


So these were the best 5 fall shoes for men in my opinion. I made this list as versatile as possible so it covered both dressy and casual shoes. Let me know what your favorite shoes are to wear in the fall.

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