10 amazing fall outfits for men
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Fall Outfits for Men (10 Great Looks for 2023)

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Fall is finally here. So here are 10 fall outfits for men!

In my opinion, fall is the best season of the year for men’s style since it allows us to wear our coats and jackets and most importantly layer our outfits. Why is layering so special? It gives the outfit depth and dimension.

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This style look book will contain both men’s casual and business casual fall outfits so you are covered for both work and weekend looks!

Casual Fall Outfits for Men

Denim on denim

This is probably the most casual of all the outfits. It’s also the one that is most appropriate for the beginning of fall when it’s not too cold. Here I wore a vintage black V-neck t-shirt with a medium wash denim jacket and grey jeans. This is denim on denim done right because the jacket and jeans are a different wash. Finishing the look is a pair of black dress boots.

denim jacket, grey jeans and black t-shirt

Suede Jacket

Suede is probably my favorite material these days due to its versatility. You can wear suede in the summer, spring, fall and even winter (when it’s not wet or snowing). Suede truly is a year round menswear staple. Moreover, suede gives an outfit some depth and dimension and it also helps you to stand out since most men rarely wear suede.

For this look I wore a dark green suede jacket with navy corduroy pants and brown suede boots. This is a great casual yet sophisticated look for the cooler fall days.

suede jacket with jeans

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Olive Bomber Jacket with Jeans

I was slow in incorporating bomber jackets into my wardrobe but ever since I have done so I have appreciated the versatility they bring. For this look, I have kept things simple and casual. Here I paired a dark green bomber jacket with a cream colored t-shirt, medium to light wash jeans and brown chelsea boots. The look is casual yet sharp.

bomber jacket, white t-shirt , light wash jeans and chelsea boots

Sweater with Jeans

Most men underutilize the sweater. They either pair it with a dress shirt or don’t wear it at all. Here I paired a striped crew neck supima cotton sweater with dark wash jeans and white sneakers. The striped sweater is a great casual piece since you can wear it on its own without a dress shirt underneath.

The most important factor in pulling this look off is the fit. The sweater needs to fit well and pair seamlessly with the slim fit jeans. This is a great casual yet sharp look.

mens stripe sweater , dark wash jeans  and white sneakers

Denim Shirt with Jeans

Most if not all men wear jeans. And many men wear denim jackets. But only a few confidently wear denim shirts. Denim shirts are just as versatile as a denim jacket and can be worn in the same way.

When it’s cool out but not to the degree where you need a jacket, opt for a denim shirt on top of t-shirt. This look is casual, rugged and unique. Finish the look with dark navy pants and black dress boots.

Men’s Fall and Winter Business Casual Outfits

Business Casual with Field Jacket

Field jackets are an amazing menswear essential. Not only are they incredibly versatile (can be dressed up or down), but they also lend a ruggedness to an outfit. Here I dressed up the field jacket by pairing it with a classic white dress shirt, a wool-cashmere tie and burgundy chinos. Finishing the look is a pair of brown suede dress boots.

This is a great business casual look since it incorporates the dress shirt and tie all the while adding the refined ruggedness of the field jacket.

Business Casual Bomber Jacket

Adding an edge to business casual attire should not be difficult nor should it conflict with the baseline formality of the outfit. Here I paired a black suede bomber jacket over top an otherwise straight forward business casual outfit consisting of a white dress shirt, black silk tie and charcoal chinos.

The black suede jacket maintains the formality of the outfit but also adds a bit of an edge. As always, fit is the most important aspect of any outfit so check out ‘How Should a Bomber Jacket Fit’ to get your fit perfect so that you look awesome whenever you style a bomber jacket.

black suede jacket, white dress shirt , grey  chinos and black dress shoes -fall outfits for men

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Casual Sport Coat

Sport coats are an amazing item to have since they can be dressed up with a dress shirt, tie and dress pants and can be dressed down just as easily with a crew neck sweater, jeans and chinos. For example, here I wore a winter sport coat over top a classic crew neck sweater and chinos.

This look consists of quintessential fall colors such as the burgundy sweater, dark green chinos and brown chelsea boots. This is a sophisticated casual look that is dressed up by the sport coat.

sport coat , fall outfits for men

Zip-up Sweater Business Casual

This is a great business casual look. The white dress shirt along with the pinstripe navy dress pants adds to the formality of the outfit while the suede derby’s and grey pull over sweater gives it some casual edge.

All-Black Business Casual

Want to add some edge to a typical business casual look? Wear all black but break the all black look off with a white dress shirt. The white dress shirt lends the look its formality while the remaining all black items give it some refined edge.

black v-neck sweater , black jeans and black dress shoes


So these were 10 amazing fall outfits for men. There were some looks that were sharp casual while others were business casual with an edge. Let me know in the comments below which look was your favorite and also how you like to dress in the fall!

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