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Muhle R41 Review (Read This Before Buying)

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The Muhle R41 is probably the most aggressive and efficient safety razor you can buy. It is ridiculously efficient to the extent that you can shave off a thick long beard with this razor with the minimal of effort. In this Muhle R41 review we cover the design and shaving dynamics of the R41 and most importantly answer the question; is the R41 for you?

I think the best way to approach the R41 is to really consider your shaving needs.

The R41 is the razor for you if:

  • You need to shave off a full beard in under 5 minutes, then the R41 is perfect.
  • You shave infrequently, let’s say, once a week, then the R41 works well for that too.
  • You have thick stubble or a heavy beard and standard razors are just not efficient enough.

The R41 is probably NOT the razor for you if:

  • You are a beginner and new to wet shaving. You just don’t have the technique dialed in to use a razor like the R41.
  • You have light stubble or if standard razors work well for you. You don’t need to push the envelope and experiment with the R41. Stick to the standard razor that works for you and continue having great shaves.
  • You have really sensitive skin that burns after shaving. The R41 delivers some of the closet shaves possible which can aggravate the burning sensation.

Note: The R41 comes in various versions that are discussed later on. But first we’ll look at the standard R41. All Muhle R41 versions are made in Germany.


The standard Muhle R41 is a 3 piece safety razor with a head and base plate that attach to the handle. This razor comes in a standard length similar to the Edwin Jagger DE89. In fact, it is strikingly similar to the DE89 in both length and weight as well as the finishing. As such, you can expect a beautifully chromed razor that is stunning to look at.

The handle of the standard R41 is made from a chrome plated brass while the head is made from chrome plated zinc alloy. This means that if you are careful with the razor it can last many years. But a hard fall or two can lead to it breaking.

R41 Versions

There are 4 versions of the Muhle R41 currently available. The standard R41, the R41 Grande and the R41 Twist are all made from chrome plated brass handles and chrome plated zinc allow heads. Only the R41 GS is made from stainless steel.

Standard R41

This is the standard and most affordable version of the R41. The standard R41 comes in different handle colors. All of them share the same shaving dynamics.

Great for men looking for an aggressive and efficient shave and want to start out with the most affordable R41 model.

Muhle R41 Twist

Unlike the standard R41 which is a 3 piece razor, the R41 twist is a 2 piece design. Other than that the head design and shaving dynamics are the same.

The 2 piece design makes loading the razor quicker and more efficient.

Muhle R41 Grande

This is a longer handle and heavier version of the standard R41. Some men who prefer a longer handled version will like it better. Apart from that, the head design is the same.

Muhle R41 GS

The latest and most premium offering of the R41. This razor is made from stainless steel and is incredibly durable. It is also slightly heavier compared to the standard R41 but shares the same razor head and shaving dynamics.

Best for those who love the R41 and want a version that will last a lifetime.

Shaving Dynamics

All versions of the R41 offer an incredibly aggressive and efficient shave. It literally feels like the blade is in direct contact with your skin.

From my experience shaving with the R41 for 2 years now, I’ve found the keys to getting a good shave with this razor are as follows:

  1. Little to no pressure when shaving – The R41 is not a forgiving razor, so if you put even the slightest amount of unnecessary pressure while shaving you will get razor burn. Let the weight of the razor do the work and just gently glide it when shaving.
  2. Razor angle – This is tricky to figure out because I’ve seen plenty of men using a shallow angle with the R41 (around 15 to 20°), but whenever I copy the shallow angle, I get tugging and an uncomfortable shave. Instead, I use a more tilted angle (about 45°). I’ve found this gives me a great cutting angle and a comfortable shave with little to no resistance or tugging.
  3. A slick lather – Because the blade is right on top of your skin, you need a slick lather for it to glide easily and comfortably. If the R41 gets any friction while shaving, you are bound to have razor burn. So make sure to use a slick shaving cream or soap.
  4. Reduced passes – The R41 is not a 34c, so avoid a 3 pass shave. Instead aim for a 1 or 2 pass shave.  

Final Thoughts

The R41 is an interesting razor. For men with thick stubble or those who shave infrequently, it is an invaluable tool. For everyone else, the R41 can be a bit too much to handle. I hope you enjoyed this R41 review where we covered all the versions of the R41 currently available as well as give some tips on how to get the best shave with the R41.


How aggressive is the Muhle R41?

The Muhle R41 is more aggressive than standard closed comb safety razors like the Merkur 34c and Edwin Jagger DE89. With an open comb design, the Muhle R41 allows more of the blade to be in contact with your skin which leads to a closer and more efficient shave.

What is the Muhle R41 made of?

The standard Muhle R41, the R41 Grande and the R41 twist are all made with chrome plated brass handles and chrome plated zinc alloy heads. The R41 GS is made from stainless steel which also makes this version the most durable.

Where is the Muhle R41 made?

All Muhle R41 versions are made in Germany.