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10 Best Spring Jackets for Men (2023)

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Spring is just around the corner. And plenty of men wonder what jackets they should wear in this season. Here are the 10 best spring jackets and coats for men.

What kind of jackets do you wear in spring?

The best jackets for spring are lightweight with little to no insulation. This is because you want a breathable garment that will have just the right amount of warmth for those colder spring days yet still remain comfortable throughout the season. Trench coats, lightweight bomber jackets and sportcoats/blazers as well as cardigans are all great options for men’s spring jackets.

#1 Trench Coat

Depending on where you live in the world, you may get a little or a lot of rain during the spring months. Either way, you still need a lightweight jacket that can keep you dry and looking stylish during those showers.

trench coat, best spring jackets for men
Trench coats work really well with formal wear like suits

This is where the classic trench coat shines. It is a classic piece that has been in style for decades. And the best part is, it is incredibly versatile. You can wear a trench coat casually with jeans and a crew neck sweater or wear it over a full suit.

The key to looking great in a trench coat is going for one in a classic color like beige (khaki) or navy. Also, make sure it is long enough. It should hit right above your knee. The point of a trench coat is to keep you dry, so a longer length helps.


#2 Canvas Jacket

Think of the canvas jacket as an updated, equally rugged, yet unique version of your favorite denim jacket. Unlike a classic denim jacket which is made from denim (duh!), the canvas jacket is made a from a unique cotton weave that makes the fabric even more durable and weather resistant.

denim jacket, best spring jacket for men

You’ll even find some versions of this jacket with a waxed coating. The coating is there to provide some water resistance, something that comes in handy during the rainy days of spring.

Personally, I love wearing a canvas jacket casually paired with a henley, jeans and boots.

But remember a canvas jacket is too casual to dress up, so stick with casual outfits when wearing this jacket.  


#3 Bomber Jacket

If you want to look like an off duty fighter pilot, then consider getting a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets can be made in leather, suede, wool as well as cotton and technical fabrics. Although I love bomber jackets in leather, suede or wool, these fabrics can be too warm to be worn in the spring.

Instead, look for a bomber jacket made from either a lightweight cotton or a technical fabric. These will be lightweight and perfect for the spring weather. Plus, technical fabric bomber jackets tend to also be water resistant, so you won’t be running around looking for cover when the rain hits.


#4 Blazer/Sportcoat

Spring is the perfect time to bring out your lightweight blazers and sportcoats. The keyword here is ‘lightweight’.

blazer jacket , blazer, spring jacket

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Look for blazers/sport coats made from a lightweight wool, cotton or cotton-linen blend. These help with breathability.

Since it’s also the season of rebirth and blooming flowers, you can experiment with different colors.

Just don’t go overboard. Stick to classic colors and patterns. I especially love glen checks and plaids because they offer the versatility of a classic jacket but help you stand out with the subtle patterns.


#5 Field Jacket

The classic field jacket is probably in the top 5 of my most favorite jackets of all time. No matter your age or body type (and yes that includes height), a field jacket looks great. It has a slimming effect due to its length, and because of the pockets it adds some rugged structure to the jacket which works well for men with a skinny or slim physique.

field jacket

The classic color of the field jacket is dark green/olive, but I’ve also seen beige (khaki), dark gray and navy work well.

Another plus of the field jacket is its versatility. You can wear it casually with a t-shirt and jeans or dress it up with a dress shirt, tie and dress pants for a business casual look. Trust me, get a well-fitting field jacket and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll wear it.


#6 Shirt Jacket

In some parts of the world, spring is a month where it’s still pretty hot so you don’t really need a jacket. Here is where the shirt jacket comes in. As the name suggests a shirt jacket is in between a shirt and jacket so it is meant to be worn on top of a shirt in place of a jacket.

shacket, jacket and shirt in one, best spring jacket for men

Shirt jackets can be either casual or lean slightly on the more business casual side. Shirt jackets made in denim or chambray are clearly casual and meant to be worn with t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

However, you will also find shirt jackets made from more premium materials like a lightweight wool, or fine cotton. These can be worn in the right business casual setting paired with collared shirts and khakis/chinos.

But remember, shirt jackets aren’t blazers or sportcoats, they’re much more casual. So if you need to dress up (i.e. spring wedding) stick to the classic blazer or sportcoat.


#7 Lightweight Cardigan

While not technically a ‘jacket’, a lightweight cardigan plays the same role as an outerwear piece for those mild spring days. You can either go for the lightweight v-neck style cardigan or a shawl collar cardigan. Both work well with casual and business casual looks.

cardigan, best spring jackets for men
This is a unique take on the cardigan with a peacoat inspired design

Just make sure to get one made from natural fabrics like cotton, cashmere, cotton-silk blends and linen. These are just more comfortable to wear than synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon and also help with breathability.


#8 Suede Jacket

Remember when I said a classic leather jacket is not the best option for a spring jacket? Well, that’s true and the reason for that is quite simple. Leather is naturally an insulating material meant to keep you warm in the cold. Add to that a thick lining; you get a jacket that would have you overheating in the spring weather. A lightweight suede jacket on the other hand is completely different.

suede jacket

A suede jacket is one of the best jackets to wear in the spring. The key is getting one in a lightweight suede material with little to no lining. Suede naturally is quite breathable so it works well in mild temperatures much better than full grain leather.

I personally love a suede jacket in dark green (olive), beige, light gray and brown because these colors are classic yet unique enough to help you stand out.


#9 Lightweight Puffer Jackets/Vest

When it comes to wearing a puffer jacket/vest in spring, look for those with little insulation. Also, keep in mind that puffer anything is designed to be casual, so don’t be wearing these jackets to the office. Instead, wear them when going on a hike or trip during the spring months.

vest ,

You can also go for a lightweight puffer vest which will help keep your body core warm on those colder spring days but will also prevent you from getting overheated.


#10 Harrington Jacket

The Harrington jacket is one of the most iconic jackets you can own. It has a classic design similar to a bomber jacket but with slanted button pockets and a unique snap collar.

puffer jacket

For the spring months, go for a Harrington jacket either in beige (khaki), navy or a stone (off-white) color. These just go well with the spring season.

Harrington jackets are incredibly versatile. You can wear them casually with jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. Or you can dress the Harrington jacket up with business casual pieces like a dress shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes.



I hope you enjoyed this list of the best spring jackets for men. The list included both casual and business casual jackets so no matter your lifestyle, there was a jacket or jackets on this list for you. Let me know which jacket was your favorite.