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6 Best Fall Jackets for Men (2023 Style Guide)

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Looking for the best fall jackets for men? Here we have a list of the 6 best fall jackets for men ranging from casual to more formal.

Fall is a month of neutral colors such as navy, olive, burgundy, gray and brown. As such, your complete fall wardrobe should consist of these key colors including your jackets and outerwear.

Your fabrics should also be heavier with a focus more on wools, leathers and suedes. Jackets made from these materials offer greater warmth as well as more texture and dimension to your outfits.

Best Fall Jackets for Men

1. Denim Jacket

You can pretty much wear denim jackets any time of the year. But the key to looking great in a denim jacket during the fall is going for a medium to darker wash.

It doesn’t have to be indigo (dark blue). You can also opt for olive, black, brown, navy and so forth. A dark colored denim jacket looks great during the fall months paired with other fall staples like leather boots.

2. Suede Jacket

Most men wear leather jackets. Wearing a suede jacket will help you stand out, in a good way. Men shy away from suede since they think it is hard to maintain and difficult to match. But that’s not the case at all. Suede actually requires less maintenance than typical leather. For example, you don’t have to apply a leather lotion for suede.

And if a real suede jacket is out of your budget, don’t fret. There are plenty of faux (vegan( suede options that look amazing and are priced at just a fraction of what a true suede jacket would cost.

men suede jacket best fall jackets for men

Suede jackets are incredibly versatile; you can dress them up and down. Wear them with dark jeans and pants paired with boots and a henley for a masculine and sharp casual look. Or wear them with a collared shirt, business casual pants and dress shoes for an edgy business casual look.

3. Bomber Jacket

Bombers jackets are never going to go out of style. And there’s a good reason for it. They are classic yet modern, casual yet sharp and look great on men of every age. It doesn’t matter if you are 17 years old and in high school, or a 65 year old president, a bomber jacket that fits well will look great. Again, the key is making sure it fits well. A bomber jacket should have a slimmer silhouette.

Go for one with a minimalist design and a neutral color since that will last the test of time. Jackets with large zippers or weird patches are more on the trendy since, and they are also harder to dress up.

These days bomber jackets come in a tonne of material from synthetics such as a polyster and nylon, all the way up to more luxurious materials such as a leather and suede.

Black bomber jacket , white dress shirt , grey chinos , black silk tie an black shoes

If its your first bomber jacket or you are on a budget, I would strongly recommend going for a polyester or nylon jacket in a a neutral color such as a dark green, since it will be affordable and offer you greater versatility.

A minimalist bomber jacket can be dressed up all the way to business casual.

4. Field Jacket

Field jackets are an iconic menswear staple. A field jacket exudes ruggedness, masculinity and timelessness. Investing in a field jacket is well worth it considering the versatility it brings to your wardrobe.

You can wear a field jacket casually with a henley and dress pants for an elevated casual look.

You can also just as easily dress it up to business casual attire. Pair it with a classic collared dress shirt, wool/cashmere tie, dress chinos and suede dress boots for an edgy business casual look.

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5. Heavyweight Blazer/Sport Coat

If you need to dress up in the fall months, there is nothing better than a heavy weight blazer or sport coat. Not only is it the most formal jacket on this list, but it also looks the best worn in a business casual setting. The key is to find one made from a heavier weight fabric, typically wool. Tweeds and donegals are great wool fabrics to go for since they are classic, durable and warm.

Get one in a neutral dark gray, olive, brown or even a plaid, since it will give you the most versatility. Make sure it fits your body well otherwise it will look like you just went to a thrift shop and got one without even trying it on.

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Pair the jacket with classic business casual pants such as chinos, khakis and wool dress pants. You can also wear it with jeans, but make sure it is a darker wash jean. Lighter wash jeans are too casual and scream spring and summer. They also conflict with the formality of the blazer/sport coat.

sport coat fall jackets for men

6. Vintage Style Jacket

This isn’t a specific type of jacket but rather the emphasis is on finding one which has classic roots. For example, most people have never heard of the Navy deck jacket which sailors wore in the 1940’s and which was later adopted by bikers. The navy deck jacket is classic yet incredibly versatile and can be easily worn in modern day outfits.

navy deck jacket fall jackets for men

Pair it with dress pants, chinos and khakis for a twist on business casual attire. It also pairs well with dark wash jeans and boots. Again, make sure it fits well. You don’t have to go to a vintage store to find one since plenty of manufacturers are making them currently. Plus, vintage jackets tend to have a very boxy fit, so it’s best to go for a modern interpretation with a slimmer fit.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of the 6 best fall jackets for men. We covered casual as well as more formal jackets. So no matter what the occasion, casual or formal, there is a jacket on this list for you. Let me know which jacket is your favorite and how you like to style it!