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Banana Republic Jeans Review (+Complete Guide)

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It’s the higher end brother of GAP and portrays itself as luxurious and upscale. Gap is famous for their jeans and one might wonder as to why you would pay more for Banana Republic Jeans. This is a banana republic jeans review where we go over the fit, fabric and over all value of these jeans.

Banana Republic Jeans Review


Banana Republic currently offers 5 fits for their jeans; skinny, slim, athletic tapered, straight, and bootcut. 

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Skinny Fit

The skinny fit from Banana Republic is a great choice for thinner men who find slim fit jeans a bit too roomy. The fit features a medium rise and is skinny through the hip, thigh and leg. Compared to other brands such as Topman and Zara, each of which has a skinny fit, the BR skinny jeans are more roomy.

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Slim Fit

This is as one store BR associate told me, ‘the most popular fit BR currently offers.’ The Slim Fit jean from Banana Republic offers more room through the hip, thigh and leg compared to the skinny fit, yet still retains a sleek silhouette. The leg opening is also tapered which means you won’t need additional tailoring. I find the BR slim fit works well for men with a slimmer build throughout their lower half. But if you have wider hips and thighs then the athletic tapered fit might work better.

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Athletic Tapered Fit

A newer fit introduced by Banana Republic for men who want a slim fitting jean but with more room through the hips and thighs. This fit is great for men who work out or who want a more comfortable hip and thigh fit. The leg is still slim and the leg opening is tapered similar to the slim fit jean. The athletic slim fit offers the best of both worlds, a comfortable thigh and hip along with a slim leg.

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Straight Fit

The straight fit jean is as classic as it gets. This fit looks good on most men except for those with thinner builds. As the name suggests, the straight fit has a comfortable hip and thigh fit along with a straight leg opening. This fit is great for men who want a classic looking jean (tapered legs aren’t for everyone!) that is both comfortable and modern.

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Bootcut Fit

The bootcut fit from Banana Republic is pretty much identical to the straight fit apart from a wider leg opening, hence the name bootcut. This fit is great for men who want to wear harness or cowboy boots with the jeans for a truly classic western look.

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Banana Republic Jean Fabrics


This is the heaviest denim option from Banana Republic. It is great for men who like thicker and heavier denim but want the comfort of stretch. The denim used comes in at 14 oz. which is considered medium weight and is great for year round wear. This isn’t 20 oz. selvedge denim, but for most men, the legacy jean will offer a great blend of comfort and durability.

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  • Sturdy medium weight denim
  • Feels high quality
  • Decent amount of stretch
  • Good for year round wear and cooler weather


  • Not as soft and light weight as the traveler jeans


The BR Traveler jean (and pants in general) are incredibly popular on forums for being insanely comfortable. The fabric is soft, stretchy and light weight which makes it great for long wear. However for men who want the rigidity of denim thisince these feel more like sweatpants than traditional denim.  associate denim with ruggedness may find the fabric and bit too thin for their liking and may even question its.

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  • Incredibly stretchy and comfortable
  • Light weight so good for summer and spring


  • Fabric is a bit thin so durability might be an issue
  • Feel more like sweatpants than denim (this can be a pro as well)

Rapid Movement Denim

The Rapid Movement line from Banana Republic features both chinos and jeans. This line offers durable fabric that has good stretch and recovery. I am personally a big fan of the BR rapid movement chinos (Review Here), and recently tested out their Rapid movement denim and have been pleasantly surprised. The denim is falls right between the legacy and the traveler denim. It is lighter weight than the legacy but heavier than the traveler. The rapid movement denim jeans are a great option for someone who wants stretch but finds the traveler jeans a bit too light weight.

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  • Medium to light weight fabric with decent stretch
  • Excellent recovery


  • Thinner fabric compared to the Legacy denim
  • Not as stretchy or comfortable as the traveler jeans


Similar to other items from Banana Republic, the construction of BR jeans is good. These aren’t handmade jeans but for mass produced denim, it is quite decent. The jeans typically feature good quality zippers and hardware which feels durable and sturdy. The stitching on the belt loops is good. Overall, I would have to say that BR jeans are a step above other mall brands when it comes to construction. 


BR offers a great variety when it comes to their denim. For men who like a medium weight jean, the legacy can be a good fit. If you are looking for insanely comfortable and stretchy jeans, the traveler jeans are a great option. While if you want a jean that holds its shape after many wears, then the rapid movement jeans should be considered. BR jeans retail from $98 to $129. There are some selvedge versions which can cost more, but generally speaking this is the retail price. I think for this price there are other brands offering similar quality. With sales and frequent promotions (which are more or less always available), BR jeans can be discounted down to $49 which I think is a great price.

There are plenty of washes, colors and fits to choose from and with promotions, BR jeans can be a great value.

Here I am wearing a pair of Banana Republic Rapid Movement Selvedge Jeans. These were a bit more pricy than their regular rapid movement jeans owing to the fact that these are a selvedge pair.

business casual jeans outfit to show are jeans business casual

I found the jeans to be well made with a good amount of stretch. However, for selvedge jeans, I felt the fabric was a bit thin but again, these days more brands and preferring stretch and comfort over a thick durable fabric. The dark wash on this pair is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down with ease. I dressed this jean up by pairing it with a dress shirt, tie and a wool top coat.


I hope you enjoyed this banana republic jeans review. Hopefully this review will help you decide which fit and fabric is best for your lifestyle. Let me know which version of their denim you prefer and your experiences with their jeans overall.