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Rockwell 6C vs Merkur 34C (Which One to Buy?)

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The Rockwell 6C and the Merkur 34C are two of the most popular safety razors available today. Read any shaving forum and you will find people who are singing praises for either one or both of these razors. Here is a quick guide to both these razors which should help you decide which one you should buy.

Rockwell 6C

The Rockwell 6C is my favorite razor currently. It’s such a smooth razor that glides through hair with zero issues. The 6C is a 3 piece safety razor made in China from a chrome plated zinc alloy which makes it fairly durable. The 6C comes with 6 base plate settings ranging from 1 – 6 with increasing efficiency/aggressiveness.

The Rockwell 6C comes in 2 colors; white chrome and gunmetal, with my personal favorite being the gunmetal which features an awesome dark grey/silver finish.

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Shaving Experience

If I am shaving daily, I use the 2 or 3 base plate settings which allow me to get a close shave with little to no irritation. If I am shaving once or twice a week, I use the 5 or 6 setting which makes the razor more efficient at cutting longer stubble. Even at the highest aggression setting which is 6, the 6C still doesn’t feel harsh just a tad bit more efficient.

Build Quality

I haven’t encountered any major issues with using the 6C just some small things here and there. When I first got the razor, the razor head, baseplate and handle used to screw in with some resistance. But that quickly went away after maybe 5 to 10 uses.

After using the 6C for 3 years now, I’ve actually started noticing some of the finish eroding on the gunmetal version which I own. It doesn’t bother me because it gives the gunmetal finish a vintage look. But if you own the white chrome version, any erosion on that finish would probably not look good.

Overall, the 6C is a great razor and I really enjoy the smooth shaves it delivers. It’s a more versatile safety razor compared to the 34C owing to its adjustability. You can use the 1st or 2nd base plate if you’re a beginner. Then move on to the 3rd and 4th setting for comfortable daily shaves. And if you need to shave off longer stubble, then use the 5th or 6th base plate setting. This is the advantage the Rockwell 6C has over the Merkur 34C.


Adjustable razor that you can tune to your needs

Delivers smooth comfortable shaves


Chrome finishing can erode with use (at least on the gunmetal version)

Merkur 34C

The Merkur 34C is probably the most recommended safety razor if you were to read shaving blogs/forums.  And there are good reasons for that. It is relatively affordable, made by a reputable brand with a rich history and delivers a very good shave.

The 34C is a 2 piece safety razor made in Germany using a chrome plated brass handle and a chrome plated zinc alloy head. This makes the razor quite durable and long lasting. I know many men who’ve owned their 34C for over 10 years and still shave with it.

The Merkur 34C comes in two color versions, chrome plated and gold plated.

The gold plated version is more expensive but is perfect for men who want a unique looking razor.

Shaving Experience

The 34C is a non-adjustable mild shaving razor. If I were to compare the 34C shaving dynamics with the Rockwell 6C it would probably be on the 3rd or 4th base plate setting on the Rockwell. The 34C also has a shorter handle which some men prefer while others do not. I personally don’t mind the slightly shorter handle but do prefer the handle length of the Rockwell 6C in this case.

Build Quality

I feel the 34C has a better build quality than the Rockwell 6C but with proper care, both would probably last many years.

So if you strictly shave daily or every other day I think the 34C is a great option because it has very good build quality and will deliver a mild comfortable shave.  


Very good build quality

Great for daily or every other day shaving

Great for men with smaller hands


Mild razor not meant for very long stubble

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with either the Rockwell 6C or the Merkur 34C. Both are great affordable high quality safety razors that will serve you for many years to come. The Rockwell has the edge when it comes to adjustability because you can tune the razor to your specific needs. The Merkur 34C is non-adjustable, but if you shave daily, then that’s a non-issue and you will appreciate it’s slightly better build quality.


How aggressive is the Merkur 34C?

The Merkur 34C is a mild aggression razor which is great for men who shave daily or every other day. It’s aggression is comparable to the Edwin Jagger DE89 and the Muhle R89. Due to it’s mild nature, the 34C might be too mild if you have longer stubble or a heavier beard.

Where is the Rockwell 6C made?

The Rockwell 6C is made in China using a chrome plated zinc alloy. This makes the Rockwell 6C moderately durable but not as durable as the stainless steel Rockwell 6S.