Banana Republic Suits Review (Are They Any Good?)
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Banana Republic Suits Review (Are They Any Good?)

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In this Banana Republic Suits Review we take a close look at their suiting options and let you know if their suits are any good.

Banana Republic is a classic American brand that carries a wide selection of men’s casual, business casual and formal clothes. From t-shirts to tuxedos, you can find practically everything that you would need for your casual, work, and formal wardrobe. As such, it is a great one stop store for menswear. 

Banana Republic Suit Fit Guide

Banana Republic currently offers 3 different fits for their suits; standard, slim and extra slim.

Standard Fit

The standard fit is tailored for regular to athletic body types. The jacket features wider shoulders, a roomier chest and a slight taper through the body. The pants have a medium rise and a straight leg which is slightly tapered near the leg opening.

Even though this is their roomiest fit, I would not consider it comparable to regular fit suits from other brands which are boxy and incredibly loose. The Banana Republic standard fit is a well tailored fit for men who want a bit more room in their suits but still want a modern tailored fit.

Slim Fit

The slim fit suit from Banana Republic features a jacket with a fitted shoulder and a slimmer chest. There is more waist suppression through the body and the jacket length is slightly shorter (about a 1/2 inch depending on size). The pants have a medium rise waist with a slim thigh and tapered leg.

The Banana Republic slim fit suit is a great option for someone of a slimmer build since its proportions are modern yet not trendy. Unlike suits from fast fashion brands which have jackets that are incredibly short and pants with a low rise, the Banana Republic slim fit delivers on a modern slim fit yet retains the classic qualities of a well-balanced suit.

Extra Slim Fit

The extra slim fit is Banana Republic’s latest suiting option. This fit is slimmer than their regular slim fit and features a fitted shoulder, and a slimmer silhouette through the chest and body. The jacket length is about the same as the regular slim fit. The pants feature a mid-rise with a slim fit through the hip, thigh and leg. The extra slim fit pants also feature the most tapered leg opening.

The extra slim fit was introduced by Banana Republic due to a demand from customers who found the slim fit to be a bit too roomy. This fit is great for men who truly have a skinny physique since it gives them a tailored look. Personally, I would only recommend this fit if you truly are a skinny body type.

Fabric and Quality

Banana Republic suits regularly feature Italian fabrics, be it wool, cotton, linen, or a blend of these materials. The fabrics feel luxurious and premium.

Most of their suits come in medium to lighter weight fabrics which are great for year-round wear. Their wool suits typically feature fabrics from Italian mill Marzotto which have stretch built in. This makes their suits incredibly comfortable to wear. Moreover, the shoulders feature light padding which gives the suit jacket structure without sacrificing on comfort.

During the warmer months, Banana Republic also regularly brings out lightweight cotton and linen suits. These suits feature fabrics that are incredibly breathable but also prone to wrinkles which is expected with linen and cotton.

They occasionally carry heavier weight fabrics such as tweed and Donegal which are great for colder weather but this depends on the yearly collection they put out.


Banana Republic suits have a modern design, they are neither trendy nor old-schooled. The lapels are slightly slimmer than medium width. The jackets feature good proportions with higher cut armholes and a decent length. Most of their suits are offered in a 2 button jacket but sometimes they also have double breasted suits available. Their pants have a medium rise which suits most men and enhances the overall look of the suit. Their suits are designed to appeal to a wide audience.


Some brands typically sell their suits in a jacket+pant set where the jacket to pant drop is around 6 inches. In other words, if the jacket is size 40, then the pants sold with the jacket will be size 34.

Banana Republic suits are sold as separates. Which means you can buy different sizes for the jacket and pants separately. This a plus for men who have unconventional body proportions. For example, someone with an athletic fit might need a 40 inch jacket size with a 31 inch waist pant. Moreover, some men might prefer a slim fit suit jacket along with extra slim fit pants.


I would recommend Banana Republic suits for someone transitioning into a formal wardrobe. Their suits have a modern design which is neither trendy nor old schooled and is perfect for job interviews, weddings and office wear.  

However, for someone who has more knowledge about menswear and is looking for more specific details such as pleated pants, wider jacket lapels, unpadded shoulders et cetera, the Banana Republic suit line might not be the best option.  

I hope you enjoyed this Banana Republic suits review. Let me know what you think of their suits.

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