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Denim Shirt Outfits for Men (Casual+Formal Looks)

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Denim shirts are an amazing item to have in your wardrobe. Here are some denim shirt outfits for men which includes both casual and formal looks!

Denim Shirt as an Overshirt

This is the easiest and most casual way of wearing a denim shirt. Just throw it on over a t-shirt or henley and pair it with jeans or chino. You can wear sneakers or boots to finish the look. Personally I prefer boots because they enhance the ruggedness of the outfit.

Tuck in the Denim Shirt

Another step above in formality is to just tuck in the denim shirt into your jeans or chinos for a more formal look.
If you like the idea of wearing a collared shirt with jeans but find idea of wearing a collared shirt with jeans but find that a dress shirt is just too formal, then consider a denim or chambray shirt. It has the structure of a collared shirt but with a more casual feel which goes perfect with jeans.

Denim Shirt with White Jeans

light blue denim shirt and white jeans with brown Chelsea boots

Denim shirt with white jeans men Instagram photo. Guys also wonder, what should I wear with white denim? The answer is a denim shirt. The indigo (light or dark) pairs incredibly well with white jeans and gives the complete outfit an understated edge.

Denim Shirt with Blazer and Sportcoat

If you want to switch things around then go for a well fitting denim shirt instead of a traditional dress shirt when wearing a blazer or sport coat. It helps you stand out from all the other men wearing a typical white or light blue collared shirt. Just make sure the denim shirt has a strong collar that can support the blazer or sport coat.

Denim Shirt with Suit

The right denim shirt can be worn with a casual suit. Go for a minimalist denim shirt with a solid color and no fading or distressing. You also want to avoid pockets. Then pair it with a casual suit made from linen or cotton.

You want to avoid wearing a denim shirt with a more formal suit made from a fine wool since it clashes with the formality of the whole outfit and doesn’t work well with the texture and weight of the suit.

In the colder months, you can also pair the denim shirt with a heavier weight suit made from tweed or flannel. The denim shirt will complimemt the texture of the suit really well. Also, opt for a darker denim shirt since its more formal and looks better in fall and winter.

Some Rules to Follow

1. Darker denim more formal. Lighter denim more casual.

2. The more minimalist the denim shirt the more formal.

3. More casual looks, distressing and fading is fine. But for more casual outfits, a clean undistressed denim shirt is better.

Colin Farrell chambray shirt with black jeans.


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook on how to style a denim shirt for men. I also provided some men’s denim shirt outfits for style inspiration. Let me know which look you liked the most and how you like to style your denim shirts!