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Best Peacoats for Men (2023)

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The classic peacoat is probably my favorite outerwear garment to wear in the fall and winter months. It just makes you look cool while keeping you warm. You can wear it with business casual attire or dress it down with jeans, chinos and boots. Plus, a quality made peacoat is incredibly durable, so you really just need to buy one and wear it for the rest of your life! So here are the best peacoats brands for men in 2023.

Marc New York Peacoat (Best Budget Peacoat)

If you’re looking for a budget peacoat that will help you keep warm while looking well dressed, then definitely consider this Marc New York peacoat.

Unlike a traditional peacoat, this one has a built in knit bib which goes up the upper chest and covers the neck. This provides additional warmth and practically acts like a scarf.

I’ve owned an older but similar model of a Marc New York Peacoat with a comparable fabric for over 5 years and it has held up incredibly well. Trust me when I say it will keep you warm, I live in Toronto, Canada!

Spier and Mackay Peacoats (Best Value Peacoat)

Spier and Mackay is well known for their quality made suits but their outerwear collection is just as impressive if not more. They have a wide range of winter outerwear pieces from peacoats to topcoats all made in premium fabrics that are durable and warm.

This beige peacoat from them is a great example of a modern twist on a classic garment. Beige is a really unique color when it comes to peacoats but it still beings plenty of versatility. You can pair this coat with business casual attire as well as wear it casually with jeans and chinos. Plus, the beige color will help you stand out from all the other men wearing navy peacoats!

The fabric is heavyweight which means that it will keep you warmer in the coldest of winters. Spier and Mackay outerwear has a regular fit which means that it will suit most body types and allows for layering underneath. However, if you are on the slimmer side then consider sizing one size down. Think of this peacoat as a long term investment for your winter wardrobe!

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat (If you want to look like 007)

If you want to look like James Bond then consider the Bond peacoat by Billy Reid. Daniel Craig wore this peacoat in Skyfall and ever since, this jacket has become incredibly popular. In fact, most people don’t know that the name of the peacoat has nothing to do with James Bond. In fact, it’s named after the street where Billy Reid has one of his stores.

But that’s besides the point. The Bond peacoat is a modern interpretation on the classic piece with a slimmer fit and a slightly shorter length. The peacoat is made from a premium Italian wool blend that I would consider medium weight. Surprisingly, the peacoat is unlined which makes it perfect for fall and milder winters.

Ted Baker Peacoat

If you’re looking for a peacoat to wear to the office then definitely consider Ted Baker. This peacoat is made from a medium weight wool blend and the fabric has a nice shine to it which makes it look more dressy then a typical peacoat.

Moreover, the fit is spot on with higher armholes and a trimmer silhouette making it perfect for men who want a slim fit peacoat that goes well with business casual attire.

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Schott Nyc Peacoat (Warmest Peacoat)

This peacoat could probably last your whole life! I would consider this peacoat as the perfect combination of classic men’s style meets utilitarian construction. Plus, if you’re wondering, what is the warmest peacoat? Then this 32oz wool peacoat probably takes the cake. The wool fabric is incredibly thick, warm and durable and its weight is similar to the peacoats worn by sailors.

Most jackets and coats from Schott are made in a classic fit which means that you might have to size down.

Schott also makes a slim version of their peacoat but that features a slightly lighter 24oz fabric. It’s still plenty warm, but I recommend going for the heavier option if it gets really cold where you live.

Suit Supply Peacoat (Best Slim Fit Peacoat)

If you live somewhere like Los Angeles then you probably don’t need a heavyweight peacoat but rather a lighter weight version which will keep you warm during mild winters but not make you overheat.

Suit supply has a lightweight peacoat which features a more comfortable construction. The shoulders have light padding which means that this peacoat feels more like a lightweight jacket than a heavy wool coat. Just keep in mind that this is a slim fit peacoat so if you have a regular or heavier build then consider other peacoat options mentioned in this article.


I hope you liked this list of the best peacoats for men. I included budget options as well as more premium peacoats designed to last a long time. Let me know your favorite peacoat and how you like to style it!

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Are peacoats warm?

Peacoats made in a thick wool fabric are designed to be worn in the fall and winter months which means they are warm enough to be worn from 41°F to 23°F. Anything below this temperature and you will either have to layer or wear a winter parka.

Are peacoats still in style?

Peacoats are a classic menswear item which means that they are definitely still in style. You can wear peacoats with business casual attire and with casual items like jeans, chinos and boots. Overall, peacoats are incredibly versatile and feature a timeless design.

Are peacoats formal?

Peacoats are perfect for business casual attire and can be worn over dress shirts, ties and sweaters. But for formal wear like suits and blazers, you should instead go for a topcoat.

Can you wear a peacoat over a suit?

A peacoat is designed for business casual wear so you should not wear a peacoat over a suit. Instead, go for a topcoat which is specifically designed to be worn over a suit.

Can you tailor a peacoat?

The length of the sleeves and body of a peacoat can be altered by a professional tailor. The peacoat can also be tailored in the body to make it slimmer but not wider. However, the shoulders of a peacoat cannot be tailored easily.

Can you wear a peacoat in the rain?

It is not recommended to wear a Peacoat in the rain because although the fabric can withstand a light drizzle, it is not designed to be soaked.