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How a T-Shirt Should Fit (Crew/V-neck with Pictures)

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A t-shirt is a classic menswear staple. In order to look great in one, you need to get the fit spot on. Here is a simple guide on how a t-shirt should fit.

How a T-Shirt Should Fit


T-shirts generally come in two styles; crew neck and v-neck. Crew neck t-shirts are classic and are characterized by a rounded neck opening. A well-fitting crew neck should sit close to the neck and lay flat across the upper chest.

V-neck t-shirts offer a more modern take on the classic t-shirt. These have a triangular opening across the neck which points down to the upper chest area. V-neck t-shirts are a great option for men who want to enhance and elongate the look of their shoulder and chest area.

Round Neck

The one thing to keep in mind is that the lowest point of the v-neck should not fall below your armpit. It should also not be overly loose around your neck.


This is pretty straight forward. You want the shoulder seam of the t-shirt to end right where your shoulder drops to your arm. If it goes past this point then it will look oversized, loose and sloppy. It the shoulder seam ends before this point, then it will make the t-shirt look small and tight. 

shoulder fit of a t shirt


In order to look great in a t-shirt, you want the chest area to be fitted. Note, I said fitted not tight. A well-fitting t-shirt will sit across your chest with little to no rumpling or stretching in the fabric. If the fabric has creases around the chest area, then it is too tight. If you have loose fabric around the chest, then it is too loose.

chest fitting of a t shirt, how should a shoulder of a t-shirt fit

Body and Torso

A well-fitting t-shirt should drape seamlessly down your body and torso. It should not be snug or tight in any of these areas. Look for around 1-2 inches of fabric on either side of the t-shirt. Anything more than this and the t-shirt will look loose. Anything less and it will appear too snug.

body and torso fit guide of shirt


The perfect sleeve length for a t-shirt is about the halfway point between your shoulder and elbow. . Some men prefer the length to be slightly shorter but personally I don’t like this because it comes across as trendy.

how should a short sleeve shirt fit
sleeve length of shirt , how should a shirt fit


The perfect length is around mid-crotch. A t-shirt should cover your belt and half of the zip-fly. This will offer your body proportions and also ensure that it doesn’t come up if you bend forward.

length of a t shirt, 
how long should men's shirts be
how long should a shirt be

Final Thoughts

A well-fitting t-shirt is a simple yet incredible masculine timeless staple for your wardrobe. With these guide on how a t-shirt should fit, you should feel confident in now going out and finding a well-fitting version for yourself.

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