Best Summer Shirts for Men (2021)
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6 Best Summer Shirts for Men (2023)

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Summer is right around the corner. You want to look stylish but also want to stay cool and many times these can be at odds with one another. Here are the 6 best summer shirts for men which will have you looking sharp and feeling cool at the same time this summer.

Best Summer Shirts for Men

1. Cuban Collar Shirt

These have a laid back yet a cool sophisticated look. Contrary to most style guides, Cuban collar shirts are not just for casual wear. In fact they can be dressed up quite a bit.

Personally, I love pairing a well-fitted Cuban collar shirt with lightweight chinos or dress pants for sharp and unique look. This looks especially good for evening dinners and parties. The fit is incredibly important.

A loose fitting shirt will work well for casual wear paired with shorts and jeans, but if you want to dress it up, then get one in a slimmer fit which fits your chest, torso and sleeves well.

2. Lightweight Denim/Chambray Shirt

The keyword here is lightweight. You don’t want to be the guy wearing a heavy duty selvedge 20oz denim shirt in the blistering heat. Get one in a lighter color and fabric which will be more breathable and comfortable in the hot weather. For the evenings, a darker wash also works incredibly well since you can dress it up with chinos and dress pants.

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3. Polo shirt

Polo shirts are the perfect option for when you want to dress up over a t-shirt but still want to stay cool and comfortable. As you may know polos are incredibly versatile and work well with both casual and business casual attire.

The best materials for a summer polo are lighterweight cottons as well as cotton/silk blends. These polos have a silky feel and are lightwegith so they help with breathability. Avoid polos made from polyester since these come across as cheap. You also want to avoid polos made in a heavy and rough fabric.

For casual wear, opt for polo in a lighter color. Patterns are also great. Just don’t over do it. No one wants you looking like an optical illusion. If you plan on wearing polos for work, then neutral colors are your best bet such as navy, gray and white.

4. Linen/Cotton Blend Shirt

Linen shirts offer greath breathability in the hot weather. But that breathability comes at a cost. And that cost is wrinkles. Lots of wrinkles. So much so that most men avoid linen shirts altogether. And I get that. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed.

The way around this is to either embrance wrinkles or to get a shirt made in a linen/cotton blend. Linen/cotton blend shirts offer most of the breathability of a 100% linen shirt but with the advantage of being a bit less wrinkly.

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Top tip, the more linen there is in the linen/cotton blend shirt, the more it will wrinkle. So it is a balancing game. Personally, I think a 60% cotton and 40% linen blend is the sweet spot. You get a shirt that helps you stay cool but also keeps you looking sharp.

5. T-shirt

Honestly I didn’t even have to put this on the list because 99% of men wear t-shirts during the summer. But that doesn’t wear they are wearing the right type of t-shirts.

Cheaper t-shirts made from a cotton/polyester blend tend to be heavier and less breathable. So look for premium t-shirts made from pima/supima cotton as well as cotton/elastane blends. Linen is also a great option for t-shirts because it offers incredible durability and texture.

These fabrics offer great breathability and look more premium than regular t-shirts. Since t-shirts are casual, you can experiment with different patterns such as stripes and even polka dots. During the day, go for bright pastel colors while for the evening, darker colors look better.

Fit is also an important consideration. If your t-shirt doesn’t fit well, it won’t look good, regardless of how premium the material is or how much you spent on it. The t shirt should fit your chest well, fall straight through your torso and lightly hug your sleeves. In other words, if you are going to wear a t-shirt like every other man, then make sure you wear one that helps you stand out, in a good way.

6. Henley

if you want to stand out from all the other men wearing t-shirts, then wear a henley. Its as simple as that. Most men don’t wear henleys.

Honestly, I don’t why because henleys are more flattering for a man’s physiquie. They enhance your neck, chest and shoulders and buttons make it slightly more dressy.

Wear henleys just like you would wear your t-shirts. Personally I prefer a longer sleeve henley since I find it more versatile. But a short sleeve henley is arguably a better option in the hot weather.

Final Thoughts

Summer can be a hard season for men’s style. In fact, when it gets really hot, you honestly don’t even care about looking stylish because homeostasis kicks in. But if you do want to persevere and look well-dressed during the summer months then these are the best summer shirts for men.

Let me know what type of shirts you like to wear in the summer months as well as any tips and tricks for staying cool and looking stylish.

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